West 86th St.




West 86th Street

Scope of Work

This project involved the installation of custom cabinetry in a rich wood finish, paired with sleek black handles to create a sophisticated look. The cabinetry was designed to maximize storage while enhancing the kitchen’s overall aesthetic. The warm tones of the wood were chosen to evoke a welcoming and visually pleasing atmosphere, aligning with the client’s vision for a refined kitchen space.  

The kitchen transformation included the installation of dark quartz countertops, providing a durable, low-maintenance surface that seamlessly integrates with the kitchen’s design. The use of dark quartz extends to the backsplash, ensuring a continuous and elegant appearance throughout the kitchen. This material was selected not only for its practical benefits but also for its ability to contribute to a cohesive and polished finish. 

High-quality stainless-steel appliances were installed as part of this project, including a state-of-the-art oven and a built-in refrigerator. These appliances were chosen for their superior functionality and ability to seamlessly integrate with the kitchen’s sleek design. They were selected to meet modern culinary needs while enhancing the kitchen’s efficiency and style. 

The scope of work was aimed at transforming the kitchen into an elegant, refined space that perfectly aligns with the client’s vision. Through the careful selection of materials and finishes, the project achieved a harmonious balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. This comprehensive renovation resulted in a kitchen that is not only visually stunning but also exceptionally functional, setting a new standard for modern kitchen design. 


Property Details

1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom


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