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Visit our midtown Manhattan bathroom showroom to see ingenious ways to make “small” feel bigger…and designs that take luxury to a whole new level…all from leading national and international companies.


A small bathroom in Manhattan is often a fact of life, luckily we have over 20 years of experience in optimizing limited space with clever small bathroom renovation ideas. Designed by the experts at NYKB, small is no longer a limitation as our contractors will incorporate your wants with your needs, all while adhering to your personal style.

There is truly no better solution than NYKB for small bath renovations.


We create luxury bathroom designs based on your vision and personal style.

Your living space can be injected with comfort and class with an upscale bathroom remodeling. Designed by our team of refined experts, your new luxurious bathroom can become the starting point for your elegant home, or be the final touch that completes your dream home. If you live in any of the five boroughs( Manhattan,Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten island) or North NJ, call for your free consultation and start designing an exclusive bathroom for your home today!

Visit our NYC bathroom showroom to see luxury designs by leading Manhattan and bath renovators.


A NYKB bathroom remodeling consultant works with you through the four stages of design. 

  • Measurement. We accurately and repeatedly measure everything in your bathroom. 
  • Layout. We conceptualize and design everything, including where your new cabinets, water technology and backsplashes will go.  We consider all your needs, including possible tub-to-shower conversions, walk-in tubs and easy-access showers. With unlimited revisions, we’ll rework every aspect until you are fully satisfied. 
  • Selections.We help you match everything, so the tile, tub, vanities, water technology and everything else all complement each other beautifully.  Everything else?  We carry decorative door knobs and other fancy bathroom accessories.       
  • Budget. We work with you to establish a budget and then create a unique design to that budget.  Since we are both the supplier and contractor, we know the exact price of each component.  This maximizes your options and eliminates unnecessary costs.   Whether it’s a “gut” renovation or an intimate bathroom design, whatever the size of your budget, your bathroom should look like you spent more.  

Everything you need for your bathroom renovation is in our showroom.  Whether you want traditional to modern…a luxury bathroom or just an update…we have the selection of bathroom products and accessories.  We source globally; your choices are international.  Whether it’s something you imagine or something you saw in a magazine or on the web, we can give you that bathroom. 


Cabinets:  A vast array from numerous manufacturers, including top national and international brands such as UltraCraft, Bauformat and Showplace – as well as local shops.  We can source any cabinet in any style, material and finish, including all the hardware that goes with it. 

Countertops:  Natural stones, including granite.  Also quartz, stainless steel, wood, glass, concrete and other specialty surfaces.  So many wonderful bathroom countertops!   

Vanities:  All the latest brands and models. 

All available to you for any contracting job we do for you!


No other contractor comes close to our degree of quality, service, project management, problem solving and warranties. By hiring NYKB, you’re hiring a contractor who has gone through rigorous and extensive training…an expert contractor capable of handing any remodeling project…a committed contractor who will work until the bathroom of your dreams becomes a reality…or, in fact, the renovation exceeds your expectations. To see photos of some of our latest projects, check out our bathroom and kitchen portfolio.

I just got my bathroom redone and there are no words to describe how happy I am with the way it came out. Before I started working with NYKB, I browsed around for a long time and had a hard time finding a company that I can fully trust. I visited NYKB’s showroom and was very impressed. I then had the consultation at my apartment and was confident going forward with NYKB. Now that my bathroom is complete I have no regrets picking NYKB to remodel my bathroom. They’ve been very helpful before and during the project. I recommended NYKB to my friends and family and I recommend them to anyone who is thinking about remodeling their home Go and check them out.

 Frankie Pas