East 73rd St.




East 73rd Street

Scope of Work

This kitchen remodel begins with the removal of existing fixtures for a fresh start. The new design features custom cabinetry, with white upper cabinets and light wood lower cabinets, accented by sleek black handles. Durable dark stone countertops and a light hexagonal tile backsplash will be installed for a modern, cohesive look. New stainless steel appliances, including a gas range, oven, and microwave with a built-in vent hood, will enhance the kitchen’s functionality and style.

The new design plan incorporates custom cabinetry, with sleek white upper cabinets creating a bright and minimalist aesthetic, and light wood lower cabinets adding a touch of warmth and natural texture. Both sets of cabinets are enhanced by modern black handles, which not only contribute to a contemporary look but also offer a luxurious touch.

Property Details

2 Bedroom
1 Bathroom


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