Flatiron District




Flatiron District

Scope of Work

Appliance updates included replacing the existing stove with a high-end stainless steel gas range and installing a matching hood to improve ventilation and cooking efficiency. The refrigerator was upgraded to a built-in stainless steel model, and a dedicated wine cooler was added to enhance the kitchen’s luxury appeal.

Lighting improvements featured the installation of modern pendant lights above the island, with fixtures that complement the overall aesthetic and provide adequate task lighting. Additionally, LED under-cabinet lighting was added to enhance visibility on the countertops and create a warm ambiance.

The existing hardwood flooring was maintained and refinished to highlight its natural beauty and durability. The walls were painted in a neutral, light color to complement the dark cabinetry and ensure a bright, open feel.

Finishing touches included the addition of minimalistic yet functional kitchen accessories, such as the red kettle for a pop of color and a few well-placed cookbooks and decorative items. This renovation transformed the kitchen into a stylish, modern space that harmonizes design and functionality, delivering an elegant and enjoyable environment for cooking and dining.

Property Details

2 Bedroom
2 Bathroom


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