East 80th St.




East 80th St.

Scope of Work

The client aimed to update their kitchen to achieve a harmonious blend of practicality and contemporary style. Embracing a contemporary design vision, we opted for custom cabinetry in a bright white finish, creating an inviting and open atmosphere. The cabinets, equipped with understated chrome hardware, were chosen to provide generous storage while maintaining a clean and cohesive look that complements the overall design. 

For the countertops, we selected premium white quartz, known for its durability and smooth, seamless appearance. This was paired with a white subway tile backsplash, which not only enhances the kitchen’s visual appeal but also ensures a consistent and modern aesthetic. 

High-end stainless-steel appliances were seamlessly integrated, including a cutting-edge oven and a modern refrigerator. These appliances not only elevate the kitchen’s sleek and polished appearance but also greatly improve its functionality, catering to the demands of contemporary cooking and living. 

Lighting was a key element in the redesign, with task lighting installed beneath the cabinets to brighten the work areas, and ambient lighting fixtures strategically placed to create a warm and inviting environment. The choice of fixtures, such as the modern faucet and sleek chrome cabinet handles, added a touch of sophistication, enhancing the overall design without overpowering it. 

This renovation has effectively transformed the kitchen into a chic, modern space that aligns seamlessly with the client’s goals. The thoughtful selection of materials and finishes has resulted in a harmonious and functional kitchen, significantly elevating both its aesthetic appeal and utility. 


Property Details

3 Bedroom
2 Bathroom


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