What Are the Different Types of Apartment Interior Door Styles?

Perry Hiiman
June 1, 2023
What Are the Different Types of Apartment Interior Door Styles?

We only think about our doors when it’s time for an apartment renovation. Then, we get overwhelmed by the choices of door style, interior design, and prices available on the market. Let’s break down the different types of doors for your renovation, plus tips to consider to add functionality to your space.

Eight Types of Interior Door Styles

Here are the most common types of interior doors for your apartment remodeling project.

1.      Standard Doors

This is the solid, typically wooden paneled door found in most homes. It’s a sturdy door with a simple look that guarantees privacy and withstands wear and tear. You can easily paint a standard door and replace the shingles and handles to match your interior design.

2.      French Doors

French doors are usually made from glass panels, but you can find them made of solid wood. Unlike a standard door that opens from one side, French doors open from where they meet in the middle, making them ideal for large entryways like dining rooms, living areas, or balconies. French doors can also increase your property’s value if you plan a full home renovation to attract buyers.

3.      Louvered Doors

A louvered door has angled slats embedded in its frame, allowing plenty of ventilation while maintaining privacy. Choose a louvered door for your pantry, laundry room, closet, or any other room that needs maximum airflow. Avoid louvered doors if you need to keep a room quiet. Otherwise, noise from adjacent spaces will flow freely.

4.      Glass Doors

Clear, tinted, or frosted, a glass door is a perfect choice to add more light to your apartment renovation. It creates an open, spacious effect while maintaining privacy. Install a glass door for your home office, private study, or playroom if you have children who need supervision. This way, you can reduce outside noises while keeping an eye out for your little ones.

5.      Sliding Doors

If you don’t have much space to work with or prefer a minimalist interior design style, consider installing sliding doors in your apartment. A sliding door moves one panel over the other rather than swinging in or out like a standard hinged door. It’s also a lightweight interior door that can slide into a pocket in the wall or serve as a room divider between your kitchen/dining room or bedroom/bathroom.

6.      Flush Doors

A flush door has a completely smooth surface typically made from plywood. While it lacks the decoration and texture of paneled doors, a flush door is a more budget-friendly, minimalist interior door style. The style can be a filled or hollow based version on the heat and sound insulation you need in your rooms. A flush door doesn’t need to be plain: plywood comes in various colors, grains, and finishes to match your interior design.

7.      Folding Doors

A folding door can be bi-fold (with one set of hinges) or accordion (multiple sets of hinges) that slide into a V-shape when opening and compress neatly to one side. Whichever type, a folding door can be wood, glass, vinyl, or PVC. Folding doors are mounted on tracks above and below the doorway for a smooth, gliding motion when opening and closing. Use a folding door as a room divider or to close off a closet, home office, playroom, or any other busy space that should be out of sight.

8.      Barn Doors

A barn door is a sliding door mounted on a rail or track above the doorway. The most common barn doors are a product of solid wood, but hollow plywood or glass-mounted barn doors are also common. Only install a barn door if your home is structurally sound. Since the track must be double your door’s width, and the door itself is heavy, ensure your walls can carry the weight safely.

Five Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Interior Door Style

So, which doors should you choose for your apartment remodeling? Of course, your budget matters, but consider the following options to make practical but creative choices.

1)      Which Door for Which Room?

Doors serve many purposes, from privacy and security to heating, cooling, and ventilation. Match your door style to each room’s purpose as you plan your renovation, for example:

  • A pantry should prioritize ventilation to keep your foodstuff safer for longer, so a louvered door style works best in this space.
  • A bedroom should prioritize privacy for intimacy and sound sleep, so choose a solid wood door that keeps noise and prying eyes out.
  • An entertainment room must keep the sound system and gaming noises away from the rest of the home and inaccessible to toddlers for their safety. Consider a hidden door with a display case or cabinet to disguise the space.

2)      Single or Double Doors?

Single doors are much more common and affordable, but double doors can make a big statement in your apartment renovation. A standard interior single door measures 32-36 inches wide, while a double door measures 60-72 inches wide.
A sliding or pocket door can open up a narrow space or widen the doorway to accommodate a double door. Accessibility is also a significant factor: a sliding double door may be better than a hinged door for a wheelchair user or older person.

3)      Single Use or Multipurpose Doors?

A door is essentially an entryway or divider, but it can be much more than that. If you have limited vanity or closet space, you can mount a mirror onto your door. Use a chalkboard on one side of a flush door for the kitchen to scribble down your shopping list or recipes or in a child’s room to encourage their creativity without damaging the walls. You can also create a hidden door with a built-in bookcase, shoe rack, or even a spice or wine rack for privacy and extra storage.

4)      With or Without Hardware?

When shopping for interior doors, you’ll find that some come with hardware (hinges, tracks, latches, knobs, etc.) while others don’t. This offers you a choice that may influence your budget and interior design. If you like the hardware on your current doors, you can install them onto the new ones. Or, keep your existing doors and upgrade the hardware instead.
It may also be cheaper to buy the door and the hardware from different stores to save money or find a bargain that offers everything at a discounted rate. See which options work best for your apartment renovation budget and aesthetic.

5)      Replace, Restore, Or Repurpose?

Even with a full home renovation, you can create an entirely new interior design with the doors you already have. Sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint or to replace hinges with tracks to create a sliding door. To make a barn door, add some extra wood to a standard door’s height and width. Think of ways to develop your interior door style with what you already have and replace only what you need.

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