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Renovating in the New York City Metro area can be more of a hassle than anywhere else – don’t worry, NYKB (New York Kitchen and Bath) is here to help you along the way. With close to 20 years of renovation experience in NYC, we have streamlined the renovation process, making it a smoother experience.

The NYKB Blog will educate you on our process, as well as show you the latest trends in home renovation in NYC. If you have any blog questions or requests, we want to hear from you!

Buon Appetito!

Our own designer Barbara Fiume cooked for the NYKB family today in the gaggenau section of our showroom. Fresh spinach pasta with a spicy marinara tomato sauce and freshly diced mushrooms... Customers arrived today to the wonderful smells of great Italian...

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The World’s 18 Strangest Bathrooms

Location:  Seattle, WA Background: The bathrooms at Columbia Tower are some of the tallest in the world, and each 76th-floor stall has its own view of the Seattle skyline. Why It's Unique: "The bathroom can really be an adventure," says Barbara Fiume, a designer for...

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NYKB: The Concept of Green Building

Green building is the practice of creating both residential and commercial structures using a process that is environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient. This process is used in all aspects of the building process, from the design all the way to the renovation....

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NYKB: Wall Color Ideas

Narielle Living A crisp, updated room will not only look better but can increase the value of your home. Instead of white, consider various color ideas for your bathroom walls for your next renovation. Whether bold or subtle, you can make the room look great and...

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About Author

Perry Hiiman was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. He planted his roots in Manhatten, New York in 1992. A few years later, Perry met his wife and had three lovely daughters. Perry has always been excited about home improvement and design. He has been in the service industry for over 25 years. Perry and his partner founded New York Kitchen and Bath in 2001. They pioneered the One Stop Shop concept of home improvement and design firms. In addition, Perry is a New York State licensed contractor, OSHA certified, and a New York State licensed mold assessor. He specializes in custom design and is genuinely passionate about what he does—bringing people’s dream projects to life.