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Renovating in the New York City Metro area can be more of a hassle than anywhere else – don’t worry, NYKB (New York Kitchen and Bath) is here to help you along the way. With close to 20 years of renovation experience in NYC, we have streamlined the renovation process, making it a smoother experience.

The NYKB Blog will educate you on our process, as well as show you the latest trends in home renovation in NYC. If you have any blog questions or requests, we want to hear from you!

An NYKB kitchen remodel review.

I just moved into my home after having a full kitchen remodel in my Manhattan home. I am not the type to write letters or post reviews whether complaints or praise but NYKB did such a good job this is the least I feel I can do. When I walked into their showroom I was...

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NY Kitchen Makeover

I signed up for a free consultation with New York Kitchen & Bath and it was probably one of the best decisions I made since I moved into this city!  My kitchen looked like a mess beforehand.  For a while, I was even afraid to invite guests over.  And of course, me...

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Complete Apartment Remodeling

Complete Apartment Remodeling

Complete Apartment Renovation: Transforming Your NYC Living Space with NYKB When it comes to apartment renovation in the bustling metropolis of New York City, there's no one quite like NYKB. Our specialty lies in providing a one-stop shop for complete renovations,...

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A bold Manhattan Kitchen design

As kitchen designers in Manhattan we get to meet lots of different types of people and personalities and we help to design a kitchen  that fits with each individuals taste and personality. The client wanted something bold and daring, something colourful and unique. ...

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About Author

Perry Hiiman was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. He planted his roots in Manhatten, New York in 1992. A few years later, Perry met his wife and had three lovely daughters. Perry has always been excited about home improvement and design. He has been in the service industry for over 25 years. Perry and his partner founded New York Kitchen and Bath in 2001. They pioneered the One Stop Shop concept of home improvement and design firms. In addition, Perry is a New York State licensed contractor, OSHA certified, and a New York State licensed mold assessor. He specializes in custom design and is genuinely passionate about what he does—bringing people’s dream projects to life.