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Tips on Apartment Soundproofing for New Yorkers

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Elevated View Of Young Couple Lying In Bed Covering Their Ears With Pillow

Most New Yorkers have neighbors right above, below and next to them – noise can be a problem. Everyone knows New York is crowded, but how crowded you may ask? According to the last census the population, New York City has reached a record high of 8.6 million–that’s a 5.5% climb since 2010. Apartment soundproofing in NYC has never been more critical; pre-war buildings especially. Sound travels on air, and any gap you can see the light through will also let sound through. Below are some ideas to consider when concerned about hearing the New York hustle and bustle while you’re trying to relax in your home.


TIP #1: Floors

Choosing the right floor materials. If your problem is the noise coming from downstairs, then you will need to soundproof the floor. Soundproofing the floor is just as easy as doing the same for the ceiling. … For even better sound deadening, you can decide to have a layer of drywall installed between the floor and the carpet.


TIP #2: Gap Under Door

If you have a large gap under your apartment door, add a door sweep. Use a commercial-grade sweep with a thick rubber strip that seals against the threshold. This will also help keep out dust, bugs, drafts, as well as noise.


TIP #3: Properly Insulated Walls

Properly insulated walls with loosely packed fiber provides excellent sound absorption, which is a factor in soundproofing, albeit a minor one. Standard fiberglass insulation is as effective as mineral wool, and much less costly. Foams give great thermal insulation but are poor for soundproofing.


TIP #4: Block Outside Noise coming through Windows

Sound traveling around a room will bounce off hard surfaces and be absorbed by soft ones. Apply materials like cotton, felt, or foam directly to walls, ceilings, furniture, room dividers, and doors to help absorb sound. Adding more pieces of upholstered furniture will also help.


TIP #5: Decor

Padded Area rugs; Plants can help reduce noise; Heavy drapes; Soft furnishings; Wall hangings…

try some of these techniques to soundproof a room using home decor.


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