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NYKB Introduces Miami to NYC

The latest NYKB Project brings Miami and NYC closer together through design. NYKB was challenged to bring this project to life, add a significant return on investment and as always maximize space for our client. NYKB was also asked to acquire electrical and plumbing building permits, as well as to run an asbestos test on the property after removing the old wood floors. We think its safe to say that the NYKB renovation team delivered on this one. 

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Beautiful kitchen cabinet designs by Ultracraft, incorporating the Acrilux Miami door style in Ice II finish. Bringing the brightness of South Florida, while remaining true to the upscale designs of NYC.

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NYKB collaborated with Ultracraft to bring this design to life and provide the absolute best in kitchen cabinetry. Placing on order for medium density engineered wood cabinets, laminated on both sides with thermostat melamine. This protects the cabinetry from heat emitted by all appliances.

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At NYKB we back all of our renovations with a five year warranty ensuring that everything remains tight and that our customers are fully satisfied long after the renovation project. Add Ultracraft’s 100 year warranty on top of that and our customers are essentially worry free with their home design.

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These gorgeous red oak floors add a stunning effect to the new kitchen design.

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While this bathroom design might look great there are a lot of key features that add a tremendous value and comfort to this luxury apartment.

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Take for example the heated towel rack. Perfect for those cold NYC winter mornings.

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Who has time to spend regulating water temperature!? With The Vigo Palmyra Shower Massage Panel with Digital Thermometer and Spout, never waste time again. This unit makes it easy to set your water temperature once and experience your shower in a completely new way.

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