East 93rd St.


Full home


East 96th Street

Scope of Work

Located on the Upper East Side, this full home renovation aimed to infuse modern style and functionality into a classic urban residence. The project included significant updates to the kitchen, bathrooms, living spaces, and hallways to create a cohesive and contemporary living environment.

The kitchen now features custom light-toned cabinetry, quartz countertops, and high-end stainless-steel appliances, complemented by a vibrant backsplash and enhanced lighting. Bathrooms were upgraded with spacious walk-in showers, floating vanities, and sleek, wall-mounted toilets, all finished with stylish tiles and fixtures. Throughout the living areas, we refinished the hardwood floors and replaced interior doors with contemporary designs, while adding built-in storage solutions and a feature wall with a modern fireplace. This renovation not only improved functionality and aesthetics but also enhanced the home’s appeal in this prestigious neighborhood.

Property Details

2 Bedroom
2.5 Bathroom


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