Top-Mount or Under Mount Sinks? A Debate

Perry Hiiman
March 27, 2022
Top-Mount or Under Mount Sinks? A Debate

Undermount Sink vs. Drop-in Sink. A Debate 

Undermount sink vs. drop-in sink, which is the better choice? Before purchasing and installing a sink, it’s important to understand the difference between drop-in and undermount sinks. Whether you’re building your house from scratch or remodeling with the latest trends, join NYKB as we break down the two options, and advise on how to choose the right sink for your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Understanding an Undermount Sink vs. a Drop-in Sink

Sinks are an essential part of your kitchen or bathroom. While there is a whole debate on whether an undermount or drop-in sink is best, making the right choice largely depends on how well you understand the features of each.

What is a Drop-in Sink?

A drop-in sink has its top edges sitting above the kitchen countertop. It covers a large area of the counter. This type of sink is also known as an overmount sink or a top mount sink. Ideally, when installing a drop-in kitchen sink, you can place the sink inside the hole left on the kitchen countertop. The extra material will form the rim on top of the kitchen counter.

Wondering how the sink sits firmly in its place? Well, after placing the sink in the available space, you can secure it by clamping the sink under the kitchen cabinet. All the plumbing work goes under the cabinet, creating a neat, finished look.

This type of sink works on any countertop. Essentially, the edges of this sink cover a significant amount of the countertop, preventing any potential moisture damage. This type of sink is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. To increase its functionality, you can also choose to have two or more tubs in your sink.

Pros and Cons Of a Drop-in Sink

Drop-in sinks have gained much popularity in modern homes owing to the many advantages they come with.

These include:

  • Durability. The mounts used for a drop-in sink are very long-lasting. Whether you choose to have a drop-in bathroom sink or a drop-in kitchen sink, it will undoubtedly serve you for years.
  • Easy to clean: If you enjoy spending quality time in the kitchen, you will love how easy it is to clean a drop-in sink.
  • Affordability: This type of sink will favor you when planning a bathroom or kitchen remodel on a budget. It gives you quality at an affordable price. The fact that it’s DIY-friendly also provides more opportunities to save on installation costs.
  • Protective: As mentioned earlier, drop-in sinks will help protect your countertops from water damage.
  • Increased Storage Space: Drop-in sinks leave more storage space inside the cabinet, compared to undermount sinks.


There are also some disadvantages to this type of sink.

The cons of a drop-in sink include:

  • High chance that food particles and water can get stuck under the edges, making them hard to clean
  • Less befitting for high-end countertop materials such as granite counters
  • They cover the beautiful edges of such counters
  • A drop-in sink’s raised edges interfere with the surface level of the kitchen counters


What is an Undermount Sink?

As the name suggests, this is the kind of sink that sits under the counter. So unlike a drop-in sink,  it will not lie on top of your counter but hide under it instead. Interestingly, this type of sink is often bigger than the hole set aside for the sink space on the counter.

Like the drop-in sink, this type of sink stays in place by being clamped underneath. Hide the plumbing within the cabinetry for a neat look.

However, it’s worth noting that an undermount sink sits lower than a drop-in sink, thereby covering more space under it, and reducing the storage space left. Consequently, installing an undermount sink may vary based on your personal preferences. 

Installation Options for Undermount Sinks

There are several ways of installing an undermount sink:

  • You can have a flush installation that ensures the edges of the sink and the countertop stay aligned
  • Alternatively, you may choose to have a positive reveal. In this case, the edge of the countertop will stop before the edge of the sink creating a kind of extension 
  • Another option is a negative reveal. Here the countertop will cover the sink slightly

No matter the type of installation you settle for, one thing is certain, undermount sinks ultimately result in a classy design. This explains why they are a preferred choice for many upmarket homes.

Pros and Cons of an Undermount Sink

Having an undermount bathroom sink or an undermount kitchen sink has its upsides and a fair share of downsides.

Let’s start with the good part:

  • Undermount sinks are a beautiful sight for both your kitchen and bathroom. By hiding the edge of the sink under the countertop, you create a sleek and seamless look that is pleasing to the eye
  • They provide you with more counter space. Considering that the sink covers no part of your counter, you will have all the counter space to yourself.
  • They are versatile. They give you more installation options and have many materials to choose from, such as stainless steel, copper, or porcelain

On the other hand, there are downsides of undermount sinks:

  • They require more solid countertops to support their weight
  • They occupy space that you may prefer to utilize for storage
  • They are more challenging to install and replace
  • They are more expensive
  • They require you to have a water-proof countertop due to the underlying water damage

Undermount vs. Overmount Sink?

You’ve now read the argument for top mount vs. undermount sinks. After reviewing the pros and cons of each choice, we hope you have what’s needed to make the best decision for your renovation.

If you’re looking for upscale, professional service, NYKB is here to guide you with all your bathroom & kitchen remodeling needs. No matter what kind of sink you decide to go with, we will bring our expertise and experience to your space and we won’t leave until you are 100% satisfied with your renovation! Contact us to book your free consultation.

The goal of renovation and remodeling is to ensure satisfaction upon completion of your project. Construction can be very frustrating, and without a professional contractor, things can go wrong.

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