Should I Stay or Should I Go: Moving Out vs Renovating

Perry Hiiman
September 15, 2020
Should I Stay or Should I Go: Moving Out vs Renovating

It’s no secret that the NYC pace has been significantly slowed down. The outbreak of COIVD-19 had New Yorkers seeing a mass exodus of residents; whether it be temporarily to wait out the peak of the virus, or in other cases permanently. Many Manhattanites have traded the city that never sleeps for quiet suburbs and peaceful beach towns, and while this departure from the city may feel discouraging to those of us who still call the Big Apple our home, rest assured that New York City is by no means dead. The real estate market in the city has begun to stabilize once again, and while the prices are not plummeting as some say, they have fallen, allowing new homeowners the opportunity to get a piece of the historical Empire City. There are pros and cons to leaving New York City, just like there are pros and cons of moving boroughs or even just to a new apartment within the city. We’ll take some time to examine each of these options so that you can make the last leg of 2020 the best one yet!

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Staying in Your Current Home

This is obviously the most affordable option, but can also be the most practical. Your home is an investment, and unless you are completely disenchanted with your neighborhood, or the city itself, keeping your current home has a ton of positives! For instance, you’ve probably spent at least 6 months full time in your home this year, you’ve gotten to know every crevice and angle. Even if you’ve lived in your home for years, being there everyday all day gives you a new appreciation and new view of the space. You begin to realize what works, and what doesn’t. What is accessible and what isn’t. What you like and what you don’t like, and on and on. You may not realize it, but already have a leg up when it comes to renovations! The first step of any renovation, including ours, is to consult with a designer or architect to discuss exactly what you are hoping to get from your remodel. By knowing exactly what you are looking for, you give your designer a great place to start! While of course there could always be some changes along the way, having a solid place to start is ideal.


Redesigning and remodeling your current space allows you to build the exact space you want in a neighborhood you’re already familiar with! Something to consider if you do decide to stay in your current home, and do some remodeling is to give yourself a little treat. Splurging on some high end items, or even getting a custom wall finish can not only boost the overall value of the space, but is also a great way to elevate the space for yourself! During the design phase, work with your designer to come up with one or two areas that you would be willing to spend a little extra on to really make the space completely unique to you. Maybe it’s a built in espresso machine, or perhaps it’s a luxurious shower system. These small extravagances can make your home feel even more special and the cost is justifiable when you consider how much you’d be spending to move! 

NYC Neighborhood MapMoving to Another Home in NYC

One of the main reasons people move is to upgrade their homes, so another great option is to discover a new neighborhood somewhere around the city and upgrade your living space! Since so many apartments, condos, and co-ops have been vacated, this is the perfect time to start considering a change of scenery. Moving to a new home in the city still gives you the convenience of NYC living, but allows you to start fresh, and embrace a new adventure. When you’re looking for a new apartment you can either look for a place that is complete, and ready for move in, somewhere that just needs a few tweaks like a new kitchen, or somewhere that is barebones, in need of renovations, but has incredible potential! When looking for a new apartment or home, it’s important to make a need list and a wish list; knowing what you are willing to compromise on and what is essential will make it easier for you to decide on a new home.


We work with so many people who have recently closed on a new home to make it completely unique and accessible to their individual needs. A fresh apartment deserves a fresh eye, and our designers are on top of all of the latest trends to ensure that you maximize your spend! Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine what a new space can become, and we know that can feel overwhelming. Have no fear! We are here to guide you through every step of your renovation to make your new apartment feel homey and beautiful. Whether you are just looking to update a kitchen, or if you want to gut the whole space, we can ensure that your remodel will be up to code, compliant with both building and city regulations, and designed beautifully!


Moving Out of NYC

Though moving to a new state, city or even country can be an exciting experience, it is absolutely still the most costly option. Whether you decide to sell your furniture and buy new in your next city, or move all your belongings from one place to another, moving expenses can definitely add up quickly. Not only this, but if you’re looking for a new home while still residing in NYC, you’ll have to go off of virtual tours, or even just images of the house or apartment. Unless you have traveled to, or spent time in another city, it is difficult to get a feel for the atmosphere and vibe by just doing research. Being able to walk around and experience the new environment before you move is always a good idea. Once you move you have invested time, money, and energy, and if you suddenly realize that your new neighborhood is not a good fit, you may feel stuck! 


That being said, sometimes circumstances require a move. Whether it be for employment, to be closer to family, or even just to change your scenery, moving can be an extremely exciting adventure! Diving into a new environment can be just as invigorating as it is anxiety inducing, and you may find a brand new way to view the world simply from changing your location. If you’re looking to move, a good recommendation is to check out the housing market trends wherever it is that you’re hoping to go. This will give you a good idea of what the prices of apartments, and houses are in the area and if they seem to be falling or rising. Similarly to moving within NYC, you can either find a home that is completely ready for you, or somewhere that you can make into what you want. The only difficulty with the second option in this case is you’ll have to do research and ask around about good contractors, designers, and architects, as well as learn about building laws and regulations for a whole new state, city, and/or district. While it’s not impossible, it can definitely feel overwhelming and challenging to think about, before you even get to your new city! 

The goal of renovation and remodeling is to ensure satisfaction upon completion of your project. Construction can be very frustrating, and without a professional contractor, things can go wrong.

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