Satisfied- YOU BET WE ARE!

Perry Hiiman
November 5, 2012
Satisfied- YOU BET WE ARE!

Satisfied- YOU BET WE ARE!


I am very careful to only make recommendations about companies and people with whom I have had very positive, successful and ongoing relationship with.

In today’s crazy business and world environment,  finding and using great, reliable, honest, fair priced, dependable firms with common sense attitudes is very difficult.


Being born in Germany, I was educated, trained and brought up with very high work ethics and standards – not only for myself but for those I work with and who work with  for me  My handshake is contract and my bond.


A new neighbor directly above us,  contacted with Perry Hiiman, President and Owner of NYKB and contracted with him, to do some complete bathroom and kitchen renovations in their apartment.  This required replacement of the pipes to the current building code and required them to cut through the floors into our ceilings.


My wife Gail, was very upset visualizing what a mess that would be cause to our  bathrooms and kitchen below. Perry and new neighbor and our building manager, all met and talked about the our concerns- before anything was started. Perry reviewed each item and took digital pictures for his records,  after which  he and the new neighbors gave us full assurances in writing that they repair an restore anything that might be damaged. Perry said he and his crew would restore the ceilings, repaint them and they would look new- as when they were originally constructed.  He advised that he would get replacement original tile (if any were currently cracked or became damaged ), provide  computer matched paint, and supply everything needed-obviously with no cost to us.


Promises’ that were hard to believe, based on our past experiences with many contractors’ we had used previously in business and our other homes. We reluctantly agreed to permit the  neighbor and NYKB to do the work, with the caveat that if my wife Gail & I found any problems, and I meant “ANY” as they started their work, we could call a halt and they would stop and have to find other alternatives.


Unbelievable as it sounds, but the NYKB workers the  night before to see what time would be ok for them to come into the apartment and start and stop their work. When they arrived each day, they wore fresh clean clothes, told us what they were doing, removed items that might be damaged, covered floors, walls and carefully did the needed repairs & painting. As each room was completed they asked if we were satisfied, if not they would gladly do it over and ix anything we saw objectionable.


As each room project was completed, the team leader (and Perry of he was available)  would ask us to inspect the completed work and if we were satisfied!

Amazingly- there was nothing we could see that needed a re-do!!!


The bottom line is, we were totally happy with Perry Hiiman and NYKB. Would we use NYKB for any restoration or renovation project in out two homes- absolutely!

Would we recommend any one to  NYKB for quotation on a project. Absolutely!


If we were not so satisfied, then why would we provide Perry Hiiman and NYKB with such a strong recommendation


Gail & Peter Shipper-Ildau


The goal of renovation and remodeling is to ensure satisfaction upon completion of your project. Construction can be very frustrating, and without a professional contractor, things can go wrong.

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Perry Hiiman

Perry Hiiman was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. He planted his roots in Manhattan, New York in 1992. A few years later, Perry met his wife and had three lovely daughters. Perry has always been excited about home improvement and design. He has been in the service industry for over 25 years. Perry and his partner founded New York Kitchen and Bath in 2001. They pioneered the One Stop Shop concept of home improvement and design firms. In addition, Perry is a New York State licensed contractor, OSHA certified, and a New York State licensed mold assessor. He specializes in custom design and is genuinely passionate about what he does—bringing people’s dream projects to life.

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