NYKB: The Concept of Green Building

Perry Hiiman
June 24, 2011
NYKB: The Concept of Green Building


Green building is the practice of creating both residential and commercial structures using a process that is environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient. This process is used in all aspects of the building process, from the design all the way to the renovation.

Ways to be green in NYC:

  • Recycle your paper, bottles & plastic products.
  • Use reusable bags
  • Save Water! Shut off all faucets & spouts when they aren’t being used.
  • Start a Compost
  • Ditch the plastic! Carry a reusable water bottle.
  • Buy plants for your apartment or house! They are good for both the environment and healthy for YOU!
  • Swap out your old light bulbs for CFL bulbs! Not only is it good for the environment, but it helps cut down your electric bill!

Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.

The goal of renovation and remodeling is to ensure satisfaction upon completion of your project. Construction can be very frustrating, and without a professional contractor, things can go wrong.

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