NYKB Offers a “Green” Solution for Kitchen Recycling

Perry Hiiman
December 11, 2009
NYKB Offers a “Green” Solution for Kitchen Recycling

New York, NY – December 7, 2009 – NYKB, New York Kitchen & Bath Corp., known for innovation in kitchen and bath design, is now offering “green” solutions to our customers. Our clients can recycle their old kitchens and preserve the environment at the same time. President Perry Hiiman remarked today: “Our customers have been requesting economically viable ways to recycle their kitchens; this program achieves that result.”

Hiiman added, “NYKB’s recycling program gives customers two important benefits – a tax deduction for their kitchen, which will be donated to charity and a cost-free opportunity to contribute to the preservation of the community.” Hiiman further added, “Customers who qualify will be able to enjoy upwards of $7,000 or more through our kitchen recycling program.” This program utilizes primary parts of the kitchen, such as cabinets, countertops, appliances, sinks, faucets and more.

NYKB is proud to be on the cutting edge of interior space development, incorporating green design programs. NYKB designer, Barbara Fiume, noted, “People are very interested in green solutions. They save money, they protect the environment, and they give back to the community. It’s a win-win situation.” Hiiman estimates his program will recycle 100 to 120 kitchens a year, saving over 200,000 pounds of landfill waste.

For more information, visit the NYKB website at www.nykb.com. To schedule a free in-home consultation, call us at (212) 242-3500, or visit our showrooms at 8 West 25th Street and 1504 2nd Avenue (at 79th St.)

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