NYKB collaborating with Phillip Salem leading NYC agent Triplemint

Perry Hiiman
August 12, 2018
NYKB collaborating with Phillip Salem leading NYC agent Triplemint

We are excited to announce that NYKB will be collaborating with Phillip Salem, leading NYC agent with Triplemint. Triplemint was founded in 2013, with their one goal “to empower people everywhere with a smarter, more personalized real estate experience.” Headquartered in New York City, Triplemint is a team of experts, disruptors, and customer-centric doers, brought together to deliver a new standard of real estate with close to 100 agents in Manhattan.


NYKB and Triplemint couldn’t be more in-line—delivering a seamless personalized service, and smarter results to each and every client.

Get to know Phillip Salem with this Q & A below.

Q: Tell us more about your life before you entered real estate.
A: Before I entered the world of real estate, I owned a men’s and women’s designer boutique in the Meat Packing District called OWEN. In addition, I had my own private label handbag collection that I sold in store as well as other designer retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman and ModaOperandi.com. It was an amazing journey I will never forget, from coming up with the concept, to the buying trips in Paris 6 times a year, all the wonderful store parties with designers, and all the amazing press the store generated while we were open.

Q: Please tell us what drove you to the real estate industry.
A: After closing my store about 3 years ago, I felt I not only had the opportunity to do something new and exciting with my career, but I was prepared to do so given my history in the service industry. I wanted to try something new and exciting, but still do something I was good at doing which was selling and working with clients.  Instead of selling clothes I would now be selling homes now!

I found Triplemint and the company values really aligned with those I had at OWEN from full transparency and non pressuring experience to amazing customer service.  I felt the decision was easy and I have been with Triplemint ever since.

Q: You’ve seen many homes in the past. In your opinion, what makes a home a home?
A: Definitely an inviting living room with lots of comfortable pillows and blankets! I always want to feel like I can make myself comfortable in a home and the living room is where everyone goes to hang out.  I also think good lighting is key along with keeping clutter to a minimum! I am such a neat freak.

Q: How many of your clients choose to renovate their homes immediately after purchase?
A: It really just depends on the amount of renovation required.  I have had some clients move in and do renovations room by room while they are already moved in, or do the entire reno all at once before moving in.  I would consult with your NYKB professional here as they will be able to advise if you indeed can live in the apartment while certain renovations are happening.

Q: In your opinion, what is the most important element of a renovation?
A: The most important element of a renovation is making sure you are involved and give ideas and inspiration to your designers and contractors.  You want to make sure the home is a reflection of your personality and your design taste. What works for someone else’s home, may not work for yours and that is ok!

Q: How does your fashion background help you give your clients design ideas for their renovations?
A: Absolutely, my clients love when I come to initial meetings with NYKB as they value my design expertise not only from the fashion industry but also sharing ideas of what has worked with other clients who are doing similar renovations.

Q: What are the aspects that make up a good kitchen?
A: A good dance party usually starts in the Kitchen, so making sure you have enough room to dance is a top priority!  Another great aspect is mixing different textures with the cabinets, countertops, and lighting which adds dimension and character to the kitchen.

Q: What are the aspects that make up a good bathroom?
A: Good lighting and if you are married, two sinks and two vanities! Also, I love a good chandelier in a bathroom!

Q: What is your favorite trend in kitchen and bathroom design?
A: I would say my favorite trends right now in kitchens are banquette seating, black finishes and marble…lots of marble! In bathroom design, I also love black finishes, cement tiles and of course a trend that never dies…heated floors!

Q: What are important Questions your clients should ask your contractor?
A: One of the most important questions is making sure you ask what permits are required before starting the work from the city as well as the coop or condo you live in. Also, asking to see examples of previous projects.  The great thing about NYKB is they have a full service showroom in Chelsea where you can see some great ideas and get inspired from different kitchen and bathroom prototypes.

Q: Why would you recommend NYKB?
A: The NYKB team is a pleasure to work with. They are a full service renovation firm, from concept, to design, to final project completion. The designers and contractors listen to their clients, are effective and always follow through. This team is able to provide more options and ideas to help bring my client’s ideas to the next level. It is a collaborative effort from design to construction and the detail they put in to every project is passionate and strategic. They are extremely reliable and responsive which is key in finding the right team to work with for your renovation needs.

For any NYC real estate questions call Phillip Salem phillip.salem@triplemint.com or feel free to call 330-618-9688.

As always, I encourage you to stop by our showroom today and be inspired of what your space could look like. We have a variety of cabinet lines; UltraCraft, Showplace Cabinetry and Bauformat. All come with a variety of different profiles, wood type and color options. In the event that you need additional assistance or resources, my team at NYKB Kitchen & Bath would be happy to answer these questions for you. Just give us a call at (212) 242-3500 or fill out our contact form.

The goal of renovation and remodeling is to ensure satisfaction upon completion of your project. Construction can be very frustrating, and without a professional contractor, things can go wrong.

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