Home Remodeling post COVID-19

Perry Hiiman
April 29, 2020
Home Remodeling post COVID-19

While most home renovations have had to pause due to Governor orders on shutting showrooms and stay at home orders in place, many people are wondering whether this pandemic will change the face of home renovations and social interactions.

Those utilizing the unusual and lengthy time being spent at home are looking at their surroundings, spending more time thinking of different ideas, designs and needs and discovering the pros and cons of their current space and functionality. Kitchens are being used like never before and the need for renovation be it a kitchen remodel or new bath has many people thinking and planning renovation once possible.

Yet at the same time, the importance of one’s health and safety are something that has many wondering whether the need for a remodel is worth the risk of bringing in so many workers and potential germs. One thing is clear, the world has changed. The virus has shown that no one is immune. No one knows when and if the next virus wave will take place, so it is imperative to ensure that all necessary precautions including top sanitization and health and safety rules are implemented.

What does this mean practically?

Remodeling Showrooms:

Kitchen and Bath Showrooms are often the starting point of a renovation. While some companies offer a 360degree view online of the showroom there is nothing like coming in to see kitchen displays and samples of various tiles, cabinetry and countertops.

To ensure showrooms which many people are walking in and out of are safe, all frequently used items must be sanitized regularly. This applies to commonly used phones, workstations, doorknobs, light switches, computers, all bathroom fixtures and the likes of those. Aside from that, the office personnel should be expected to sanitize themselves regularly before and after interacting with people.

Remote Consultations:

Many remodeling companies are offering remote consultations via Zoom, Facetime, Skype or similar online video remotely. While this may not be ideal for all as many people prefer that in person contact and discussion, this has proven successful for many designers during this difficult time. The remote consultation option is here to stay. It ensures ultimate safety, no concerns about unnecessary contact with people and allows designers, sales and other team members to view the space discuss and show designs and even send over plans and 3D renderings. It may be the first step and ultimately there may need to be some form of in person contact but as a free consultation and to discuss ideas this is a wining solution.

In Home Consultation:

Having a home designer come into your home to see and discuss the space, ideas and pricing does involve some sort of contact but since it is your home you are in control of ensuring any potential point of contact is sprayed or sanitized after especially bathrooms and sinks . You may also request the designer wear gloves and a mask, something that has become very acceptable or ask they wash their hands on entering your home. Make sure only necessary family member are present to minimize exposure. Open windows and consider leaving doors open during the visit to ensure enough air flow and clean air.

During Construction or Remodel:

Ideally you should either move out or use some form of plastic to separate the job site from living space. All crew must wash hands before entering the worksite and wear gloves and masks while working. Ideally you should have a separate bathroom for the workers, if there is not one see if the remodeling company can provide its workers with a Port-a-Jon as well as a sanitization station outside your home.

By taking the necessary steps and precautions you can ensure that your home family and workers are all safe and help to prevent the spread of infection while benefiting from your new home renovations.

Stay Safe!

The goal of renovation and remodeling is to ensure satisfaction upon completion of your project. Construction can be very frustrating, and without a professional contractor, things can go wrong.

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