High-Tech Viewing Rooms Set Mood for Client Design Presentations

Perry Hiiman
March 20, 2009
High-Tech Viewing Rooms Set Mood for Client Design Presentations

Setting the right mood for the customer’s design presentation is a major part of New York Kitchen & Bath’s business approach. NYKB, which has showrooms based in New York City, has specially designed areas in their showrooms for clients to view their kitchen and bath renderings.

“Our showrooms have beautifully appointed viewing rooms where we present designs, illustrate estimates, and view video clips from various television programs that have featured NYKB,” reports Ted Pratt, marketing director for NYKB. “This comfortable and informative environment helps customers make informed choices and helps demonstrate NYKB’s expertise in full-service kitchen and bath renovation.”

A core goal of NYKB is to provide customers with a clear vision of what their remodeled kitchens and baths will look like. To illustrate this, the company uses PowerPoint presentations of full-color 20/20 renderings.
“It gives clients an amazing glimpse into what their finished project will look like,” Pratt offers. “Home renovation is an arduous task enough without having to worry about what it will look like. We give customers life-like renditions.”

NYKB’s designers have all been trained to use Google SketchUp, an online tool that allows designers to create sketches using three-dimensional product illustrations. “It’s a powerful tool, and part of its charm is its speed and ease of use,” offers Pratt. “Some designers find Google SketchUp particularly helpful when sitting down with clients and hashing out ideas because a sketch can be altered as fast as a mouse can be clicked. The application not only makes wonderful talking points for the designer in the design phase but also helps a client feel more closely involved with the project.

“NYKB has been featured on television as a leader in New York City kitchen and bath design, which is great,” Pratt continues. “But what’s really terrific is that we can both play these aggregated clips on DVD in our sidewalk window display and connect the same clips online to play for customers in our viewing rooms. Potential customers see our examples of our work, before and after, and are duly impressed. It certainly helps us in our business.”

The goal of renovation and remodeling is to ensure satisfaction upon completion of your project. Construction can be very frustrating, and without a professional contractor, things can go wrong.

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