Cooking Demonstrations at NYKB’s Showroom Bring Together Home Industry Professionals

Perry Hiiman
February 12, 2020
Cooking Demonstrations at NYKB’s Showroom Bring Together Home Industry Professionals

At NYKB we know how effective food is in bringing people together, which is why we are passionate about collaborating with clients to create custom-made kitchens that bring clients’ cooking dreams to life. This January 2020, NYKB put its own custom kitchen to use in a series of cooking demonstrations hosted in collaboration with Brenda Posner, VP of Business Development at Langdon Title, Bonnie DeSimone, Senior Home Lending Officer at Citi, and Jacob Davidoff, Partner at Fentin, Goldman, Turk & Davidoff LLP.

During two separate evenings Chef Onur, who has worked in elite kitchens such as 11 Madison Park, took residency in NYKB’s modern open-concept kitchen to provide an in-depth look at creating a fresh four-course meal from scratch. Here are two key things we learned from the evening:

An Organized Kitchen is a Must

Reviewing your pantry for pre-owned food items is key to planning an event where you will be cooking a wide range of dishes says Chef Onur, who received classic chef’s training at the CIA. We saw this tenet come into play when we had to plan for Mushrooms Romesco, Arancini Balls with Marinara Sauce, Teriyaki Honey Glazed Salmon, and Rose-shaped apple-puff pastries. The types of ingredients ranged from the ordinary–fresh salt, butter, and flour–to the unique such as chives, sake, and rice vinegar. Knowing what the NYKB pantry had on hand made it easy to create a shopping list that kept us on track to feed our guests.

Chef Onur speaks with guests during series of cooking demonstrations at NYKB’s showroom

Chef Onur preps to bake Mushrooms Romesco with the help of a guest

Close-up of Molten Chocolate Souffle Cake baked by Chef Onur in NYKB’s showroom

Rose Apple Puff Pastries created by Chef Onur in NYKB’s modern kitchen

Design Matters

After all the planning and execution, taking a step back in our showroom to see the connections taking place was exciting–it reminded us that everyone loves to hang out in the kitchen. By cooking and serving your dishes in an open-concept kitchen, your guests can be part of every conversation. From sharing recipes to knowing where to get all the latest gadgets, your kitchen is the heart of the home. In the end, all of the hard work has a purpose: to bring enjoyment through great functional living.

Guests enjoy bites in NYKB’s showroom located in NYC’s Flatiron District

Brenda Posner of Langdon Title, guest and Bonnie DeSimone of Citi posing in NYKB’s showroom

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