10 tips for choosing your new kitchen colors

Perry Hiiman
August 5, 2013
10 tips for choosing your new kitchen colors

Making the choices for a new kitchen design is hard. You may have seen different ideas and may know what material countertop you want  or that you want to opt for custom kitchen cabinets NYC, but how do you choose what color or colors to use?

You may have seen a custom kitchen in Manhattan, whether in a friends home or in our kitchen showroom or you may have a specific color in mind, but do some research before giving the go ahead to your decorator or painter.

1. Pick colors that you love and respond to well. It doesn’t help for a kitchen designer to tell you that yellow is soothing and bright when you hate the color or it makes you feel queasy. you know yourself so take advice but make sure it flows with your likes and feelings.

2. Pick complementary colors. Use the color wheel and choose opposites hues but go gentle, subdue your colors to make the contrast softer.

3. Remember the 60-30-10 rule.  60% is the dominant color – usually kitchen wall, 30% a secondary color can be used for cabinets and pantry doors and 10% accent color – to brighten or give the room character

4. Keep the expensive items neutral and versatile. you can always repaint but you don’t want to be replacing granite or countertops in another couple of years.

5. For a small kitchen space try white -bright white kitchen add light and maximise the space but your might want to consider something to prevent it from looking drab. A tapestry, a bright bowl of fruit or vase with fake flowers, adding in glass tiles, bamboo shades, silk or linen fabrics or  bright chairs can finish off the look.

6. Think lighting – Kitchen lighting fixtures can add character and color – depending on whether you go for the yellow or white lights and the style light fixture or lamp shade can be significant in completing the room.

7. Backsplashes can add a throw of color. Always fist choose your countertop and then your backsplash – you may want to try different materials or ides for the backsplash.

8. If there is something you want to draw attention to contrast it, paint your walls a contrasting color to show off your custom kitchen cabinets or island.

9. Don’t get too exciting with floor colors. Keep your floor natural and not too trendy, you don’t want to regret it!

10. Remember the moods different colors set – red raises stimulants and boosts conversation and orange stimulates appetite and energy while blue decreases appetite – do you want people to eat in your new kitchen?

The goal of renovation and remodeling is to ensure satisfaction upon completion of your project. Construction can be very frustrating, and without a professional contractor, things can go wrong.

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