Using Two Backsplashes in Your Kitchen Design with NYKB

Perry Hiiman
October 2, 2023
Using Two Backsplashes in Your Kitchen Design with NYKB

Are you looking to elevate the design of your kitchen to new heights? If you’re aiming for a kitchen that not only serves as a functional space but also as a visual masterpiece, consider the trend of using two backsplashes. This innovative approach can infuse your kitchen with personality and style like never before. At NYKB, our talented designers and skilled workers are ready to help you design and build the kitchen of your dreams, incorporating this exciting trend into your space.
Two Backsplashes, Twice the Impact:
Using two backsplashes in your kitchen is a design choice that’s gaining popularity for several compelling reasons. It allows you to create a unique and customized look that sets your kitchen apart from the rest. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Contrast and Complement: One of the most significant advantages of using two backsplashes is the opportunity to play with contrast and complementing designs. You can pair different materials or patterns that either starkly contrast or harmoniously complement each other. For instance, combining sleek subway tiles with rustic stone or mosaic backsplashes can create an eye-catching contrast.
  2. Functional Zoning: Designing with two backsplashes enables you to create distinct functional zones within your kitchen. Use one style in the cooking or prep area and another in the dining or serving space. This not only looks appealing but also helps define different areas within your kitchen.
  3. Focal Point: Make one of the backsplashes a focal point by incorporating bold colors, intricate patterns, or unique materials. This draws attention to specific areas like the cooking zone or a cozy breakfast nook, making your kitchen truly captivating.
  4. Height Variation: Consider varying the height of your backsplashes for added visual appeal. Having a standard-height backsplash behind countertops and a taller one behind the stove or range hood not only looks great but also provides extra protection.
  5. Seamless Transition: If your kitchen flows into other living spaces, use one backsplash as a transition element. This creates a seamless visual transition and ensures your kitchen blends harmoniously with the surrounding areas.
  6. Practical and Personalized: While the aesthetics are important, practicality should not be overlooked. NYKB’s designers can guide you in choosing materials that are easy to clean and maintain in the kitchen environment. Plus, if you have a personalized touch in mind, such as custom tiles or artwork, we can make your vision a reality.

Collaborate with NYKB for Your Dream Kitchen:
At NYKB, we understand that designing and building your dream kitchen is a significant undertaking. Our dedicated team of designers and skilled workers is here to make the process seamless and enjoyable. We’ll work closely with you to incorporate the two backsplash trend into your kitchen design while ensuring functionality, aesthetics, and durability.
From choosing the perfect materials and colors to expertly installing them, NYKB takes care of every detail. With our guidance, your kitchen will not only reflect your style but also offer practicality and sophistication.
Ready to transform your kitchen with the unique charm of two backsplashes? Contact NYKB today, and let’s embark on a journey to create the kitchen of your dreams. With our expertise and your vision, your kitchen will become the heart of your home in no time.

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