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Converting to an Open Kitchen Floor-plan

When I started my career, the vast majority of kitchens were designed to be standalone rooms that were separated from the rest of the house. And since most of the real estate in New York City is relatively old, many of the kitchens remain closed off like this. But over the past couple decades, there has been a major shift in kitchen design philosophy towards open floor-plans. At my company NYKB Kitchen & Bath, we have come to specialize in renovating old kitchens in a way that will open them up to the rest of the house or apartment. Here are a few reasons why you might want to modernize with an open kitchen floor-plan:

1. It makes your home feel more spacious and open. Having a spacious home is great no matter where you live. But when you’re in the middle of the city, it is even more important. By opening up your kitchen to the rest of the house, you can really make your place feel much bigger and more comfortable. You will also literally save the space where the walls would be. This may not seem like a lot, but in a small NYC apartment, it can be a huge difference.

2. It will increase natural light.Whenever I go out to give an estimate for NYKB, one of the questions I almost always encounter is “how can I increase natural light throughout my apartment?” This is another thing that is extra-important when you live in a city surrounded by other buildings. It’s also something that can be accomplished with an open kitchen floor-plan by knocking down a wall and giving light the freedom to shine throughout your entire home.

3. An open kitchen floor-plan is great for entertaining. Do you enjoy having people over your house or apartment? If so, I think you will really see a lot of benefits from opening up your kitchen to the rest of your home. For starters, it will create sight and sound lines from your kitchen to your living room and dining room, allowing you to both host and participate at the same time. You also may want to add a “breakfast bar” that will separate your kitchen and living room in an open fashion, giving you more places for guests to sit and chat.

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4. Keep an eye on the kids while you cook. If you have children, an open kitchen floor-plan is almost a necessity. Obviously, you don’t want to lose track of what they’re doing while you’re cooking, but you can’t really keep them right there in the kitchen with you. Having an open kitchen floor-plan will allow you to easily keep an eye on them while you prepare dinner for the family.

5. You get to show off your new kitchen! When NYKB designs and renovates a new kitchen for a homeowner, they often end up considering it the most interesting and beautiful room in their house. So why keep it locked away where your guest will never see it’s sparkling new countertops, shiny appliances, and sleek cabinets? Open it up and show it off proudly!

If you are considering if an open kitchen floor-plan is right for your home, give my designers at NYKB Kitchen & Bath a call at (212) 242-3500, or click here to fill out our online form. We would be happy to visit your space and take a look at your kitchen to see if opening it up makes sense or if there are any structural concerns with doing so.



Perry Hiiman Owner of NYKB Renovation