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Installing a Large Kitchen Countertop Without Seams in NYC

Living in Manhattan has it’s challenges. We tend to live in smaller apartments, surrounded by a lot of neighbors and have to face many  inconvenienmces that most Americans will never have to face.

Take for example having a large seam running across your kitchen countertop. Ok, we will admit that most New Yorkers do not really think about this very often. Yet it is one fo the most common complaints we receive from clients who have used other firms to previously renovate their kitchen countertops. And while we cannot always eliminate having a countertop with seams, we will certainly try our best to avoid it, or make it miniscule.

The honest truth is that many times a contractor cannot physically install a large countertop in Manhattan without a seam, as most apartments in the city have very little clearance.


However, at NYKB we specialize in finding an alternative way to install large countertops. Even if it means shutting down a side walk and lifting the countertop 500 lbs of quartz composite over 150 feet in the air.

Ellen Schott, our kitchen designer was very excited to see her first boom in action.

As soon as Gabe, our project manager sucured the cones and stopped the flow of side walk traffic for safety reasons, we were able to secure the countertop to the boom.

And just like that, the NYKB team safely lifted the Quartz Master countertop weighing over 500 lbs five stories up on the air.

Check out the VIDEO below and stay tuned for more as we complete the renovation of this beautiful contemporary kitchen design.

In the event that you need additional assistance or resources regarding complex kitchen countertop installations, my team at NYKB Kitchen & Bath would be happy to assist you.

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Perry Hiiman Owner of NYKB Renovation