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NY Kitchen Makeover

I signed up for a free consultation with New York Kitchen & Bath and it was probably one of the best decisions I made since I moved into this city!  My kitchen looked like a mess beforehand.  For a while, I was even afraid to invite guests over.  And of course, me being a typical male, I had absolutely no sense as to what tiles would best suit the room, what kind of cabinets to choose, etc.

I wish I could say the decision to hire NYKB was mine and mine alone.  But then again, I don’t many other men who would make such a decision on their own.  Yes, it was the suggestion of my girlfriend, who said that my kitchen (and the rest of the apartment, for that matter) looked like a frat house.

After the consultation and subsequent “kitchen makeover,” both my girlfriend and I were extremely satisfied.  Now we entertain guests all the time!  The showroom provided me with a perfect cabinet, the consultant suggested the perfect tiles.  Now I can honestly say my kitchen looks like something out of a furniture catalog!

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