8 W 25th St, New York, NY 10010

Ray Young

I used NYKB last year to renovate my kitchen and bath. I experienced a lot of problems with the project manager and the project was delayed. I eventually complained to the owner Perry Hiiman who was very quick to step in. After that, the renovation was finished within 3 days.

This year there is a leak from the shower door (installed by another company) into my wall and the paint came off. I was dreaded to call NYKB to come to fix it. When I finally called Perry, he sent Javier Cortes to come over and he fixed the leak and sealed the gaps immediately. Javier was very helpful and friendly, he came back the next week to repaint the walls.

So it seems NYKB is now eager to make a change and redeem some issues they had before.

And people should give the company a second chance judging from the recent changes in the management attitudes.