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NYKB: Interior Design

Every person spires to create the atmosphere displaying its character and lifestyle in its house. The interior also reflect the philosophy of individual taste. NYKB’s main objective is to create an individual interior for every customer to express his/her personality and the atmosphere of an “ideal” home. With our help you will make your dreams come true! NYKB designers and staff are always ready to give you assistance.

At the early stage of design developing our clients will get an opportunity to see the new style of their home, the color and shape of the rooms. NYKB’s team of professional designers creates different variants of what your actual remodel would look like. The color of rooms depends on their size and shape, the height of ceilings, and the size of your windows.

For example, to expand the inner space visually, the floor, walls and the ceiling should be done in warm light colors. It gives a feeling of clearness and comfort. Also the skillful use of mirrors substantially expands the space.

Complex designs of walls and ceilings will demand technical study. Any design should be made correctly from the technical point of view, because it will serve as a basis for the further stages of the remodeling project and therefore should be 100% safe and accurate.

For all home owners who want to add individuality to their home, we offer the services of designers and architects who create a detailed design project convenient for you. Professional remodeling projects are carried out by our skilled professionals specializing in certain kinds of design works, the selection of the equipment, furniture, fixtures and other subjects for your home’s interior.

Visit our NYKB showroom located on 8 W. 25th St. . Contact us for more information.

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