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My husband and I found NYKB through a Google search.
We were looking to replace our kitchen and bathroom.
We called them and made an appointment.
Nick came to our apartment and took some measurements and discussed the process.
We came into the showroom and they showed us some designs.
My husband and I were reluctant to hire them so we asked for references and made some calls.
After speaking with their previous customers we decided to hire them.
Our apartment has been transformed. We ended up doing our kitchen, bathroom and wood floors. We highly recommend NYKB for kitchen, bathroom and who knew wood floors!!!!!

Amy Grady 5-15-2016


I just got my bathroom re done and there are no words to describe how happy I am with the way it came out. Before I started working with NYKB, I browsed around for a long time and had a hard time finding a company that I can fully trust. I visited NYKB’s showroom and was very impressed. I then had the consultation at my apartment and was confident going forward with NYKB. Now that my bathroom is complete I have no regrets picking NYKB to remodel my bathroom. They’ve been very helpful before and during the project. I recommended NYKB to my friends and family and recommend to anyone who is thinking about remodeling their home to go and check them out.

Frankie Pas 2-29-2016


I highly recommend NYKB. I have used a number of kitchen contractors before and have never had such a full service. From helping with NYC building permits to clean up they definitely deserve the title of one stop shop renovators.

Thomas 2-9-2015 

I have just had my bathroom remodeled and it looks great. I had consultations with 3 different companies but in the end I went with NYKB. They listened to what I wanted and what my budget was (not very big) and worked with that. The bathroom now looks awesome. It is a small bathroom and I really wasn’t expecting too much but they managed to put in a tub even on my budget!

I would recommend these guys to anyone.

Olivia Pleas  New York  5-8-2014

Top Kitchen designers in New York! Worth every penny and more which is what it cost. I got a stunning new kitchen with no hassle.

Mary Karlin 1-10-2014

I just moved into my home after having a full kitchen remodel in my Manhattan home. I am not the type to write letters or to start posting kitchen remodeling reviews whether complaints or praise but NYKB did such a good job this is the least I feel I can do. When I walked into their showroom I was enthralled but I did get queasy after signing the contract and putting down a large deposit. Thankfully it was for nothing. The design was outstanding, the work was superb and the job included a full cleanup ready for me to move in. I really feel like I have the kitchen of my dreams – or better!

I know this sounds impossible but I have no complaints (yet!) at all! New York Kitchen and Bath corporation is definitely a must for kitchen renovation in Manhattan. I was sure the job would involve anxiety and stress but nothing! I moved into a friends apartment during the renovation to keep out the way and am really excited to be back in!

Thanks Perry, Barbara and all the fantastic kitchen contractors!

– Sara W, Manhattan NYC  12-1-2013

I signed up for a free consultation with New York Kitchen & Bath and it was probably one of the best decisions I made since I moved into this city!  My kitchen looked like a mess beforehand.  For a while, I was even afraid to invite guests over.  And of course, me being a typical male, I had absolutely no sense as to what tiles would best suit the room, what kind of cabinets to choose, etc.

I wish I could say the decision to hire NYKB was mine and mine alone.  But then again, I don’t many other men who would make such a decision on their own.  Yes, it was the suggestion of my girlfriend, who said that my kitchen (and the rest of the apartment, for that matter) looked like a frat house.

After the consultation and subsequent “kitchen makeover,” both my girlfriend and I were extremely satisfied.  Now we entertain guests all the time!  The showroom provided me with a perfect cabinet, the consultant suggested the perfect tiles.  Now I can honestly say my kitchen looks like something out of a furniture catalog!

– New York 6-16-2013

Upon deciding to remodel my bathroom, I scheduled a total of 4 estimates. Steve Babus from NYKB arrived first and in retrospect, I should have canceled the other estimates. Being a single dad who wanted to appear like he had some idea of what was going on; I had every intention to pretend that I understood the remodel process. I was totally going to nod emphatically and make verbal noises to express my comprehension. With Steve, this was not necessary; he made sure that I understood. He took extensive measurements, wrote an itemized estimate, and explained how the entire process worked. The three estimates from other contractors afterward were awful. Not one took measurements, two sent an estimate later which felt shady, and one just disappeared.

Steve did a magnificent job. I didn’t get a new bathroom; I got a spa-room. It is incredible. The tile work is intricate and beautiful, the installation of furniture is perfect, and his attention to detail is unparalleled.

I am happy to contribute to an NYKB review and strongly recommend Steve Babus who will assist you in creating a space of beauty and strength.

– Steven, Midtown NYC 2-7-2012

NYKB designed and renovated both my Kitchen and my Master Bathroom. My wife and I are thrilled with the results. From beginning to end NYKB team were available to assist us in every aspect of the process. We were thrilled to have a full service firm take all the guess work out of our project.
They made sure that all items fit and gave us many options along the way to meet with our budget. Our backsplash continues to be the jewel of our kitchen, family and friends always comment on it as soon as the walk in the room. During the process our building required us to upgrade our electric and plumbing and the team was on the job ready to go and we knew the pricing ahead of time since it was on the back of our contract just in case it was needed.

We are extremely grateful to NYKB for providing us with a look and function that we love!  We highly recommend NYKB and their team to anyone looking to renovate any part of their home. They really delivered and went above and beyond what we expected.

– Alex, Brooklyn New York, 2-1-2012

I had quotes from a couple of other places and NYKB was a little more expensive but the plumbers, electricians and designer offered with my contract really helped me make the decision to hire them. For me, that slightly higher expense was worth it since I had those choices and the work was done by one contractor rather than having to keep track of multiple jobs. NYKB’s Designer, Barbara Fiume, handled my issues in a professional and courteous manner. It’s not easy to find a company that really understands customer service, so working out the kinks with Barbara and Perry Hiiman, the owner, went well because they actually get it!

Barbara is the person who schedules the installations and she worked with me to coordinate the time I would have to take off of work including the fact that I was going to have a house full of overnight guests for a wedding five weeks after the intended start date. Of course I wanted it done BEFORE my guests arrived, but was willing to wait until after that weekend because the time frame seemed a little short and I wanted to have a fully functioning bathroom and kitchen while they were here. Barbara worked it out to have everything but the tile backsplash in the kitchen done in time for my guests arrival. While I was a little concerned about them actually making that time frame, I told her to go for it and kept my fingers crossed. She said she had faith in her crews and I took her word for it.

I can’t say enough about Perry and his crews as they managed to not only get the whole job done in time for my guests arrival, but did a great job including working around a hidden surprise in the walls while removing bathroom fixtures. They not only arrived on time, but went the extra mile giving the job a real personal touch. Perry called me on a couple of occasions to check on how things were going and he and Barbara managed to get a plumber here to replace the broken valve within a few hours of them discovering the problem. They cleaned up before they left each time and I really couldn’t tell that anyone had been here working at all.

I would definitely use NYKB again and will recommend them to my friends and coworkers.

– Joanne: Upper East Side NYC, 1-30-2012

“I just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for the fine job that you and your team did with refurbishing the kitchen and bathrooms in my home. From the day that my wife and I met you, you were meticulous in insuring that we had just the right tiles, backsplash and other materials that would give us the results that we desired.

You made every arrangcment right down to the permits and insurance that was needed in order to make the job happen. You took the time to prepare everything to specification and delivered the finished product in a very timely fashion. From your office manager Hamit, to your field manager Frank, and the two men who actually completed the job, everyone was attentive to our concerns and needs, and made the process go as smoothly as possible.

I must also add that your attention to detail and follow-up as well as you staying in constant touch with me and the job at hand was much appreciated, and most gratifying. I would not hesitate to call upon you again to do another job for me, nor would I hesitate for a minnte to recommend you and your company to any friend, family or colleague that is considering having any type of work done in their kitchen or bathrooms.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and your company, and once again, I want to say thank you for a job well done.”

It was a pleasure to work with them. They worked quickly, thoroughly and efficiently. They were more than willing to work late to stay on schedule. They were always curteous and it was easy to communicate with them in the sense that they listened to my questions and suggestions, and promptly came up with ideas and solutions

– Christina

“We recently had a major renovation of our kitchen and bathroom in our New York condo performed by NYKB. The completed job was performed with quality workmanship and superior fit and finish. The project supervisor was extremely professional and curteous, and tried to keep us up to date with any issues or unanticipated delays. The office staff was also extremely responsive to our needs.”

– Nina, 4-7-2010

“Thank you all for getting me through the difficult job of remodeling my kitchen. Your people have taken a small galley studio kitchen and transformed it into one that is truly beautiful and functional. Your consultants were there for me every step of the way. Using their expertise to help me in my choice of colors and styles of cabinets…..What your people have done in this small space is nothing short of magic. I want to thank you for your honesty and professionalism.

My co-op is very strict on construction and they were very impressed with your work. My building super has asked me for before and after photos so he might show other people in the building what is possible to do in similar spaces.

I want to thank you all at NYKB for making me the most beautiful kitchen I’ve ever owned.”

– Joseph, 12-4-09

“We’d like to thank you for all you have done to make our bathroom so beautiful. We started with 50+ year old tiles and fixtures and now have a clean and fresh look. We will enjoy it for years to come.”

– Sara NJ 10-10-08

“I want to express my thanks for a job well done on my new kitchen. You were immensely knowledgeable with regard to the design and implementation of the project and I am very satisfied with the result. Your installers were very professional in their area of expertise and always left the apartment in a clean and orderly fashion.”

– Bernadette