Restaurant Renovation

The restaurant business is often described as one of the hardest industries to break into, because it depends on many factors. In the Manhattan area, the food is obviously a large draw, but with the wide array of eateries to choose from, what makes people want to patronize your establishment is the atmosphere. Restaurant design that is truly compelling is like any other art and calls upon a fine and subtle touch.

NYC Restaurant Renovation

Before you dive right into a commercial renovation, sit down with your NYKB consultants and discuss which direction you see your restaurant moving in. Would you like a simple update to your existing space or do you want a complete overhaul of the vibe and appearance of your restaurant? (You can make customers feel like they are visiting an entirely new restaurant with a simple restaurant remodeling and a few additions to the menu.) Fundamentally, restaurant renovations not only aim to convey  the type of cuisine you serve, or set the mood, but should also maximize your space, so you can accommodate more seating and increase traffic flow when entering and exiting the restaurant—while still seamlessly accommodating wait staff.

Each restaurant renovation should also carefully focus on the kitchen design. Question whether the preparation tables, cleaning areas, countertops, stove and ovens, are arranged in an optimum way to maximize the workflow. Whilst planning the restaurant remodeling make sure the walkways aren’t so narrow that the chefs and wait-staff will be constantly bumping into each other. Finding a complete design and contracting team that can carry out and accomplish your restaurant renovation on time and on budget—while obtaining the appropriate permits—is necessary for getting your business back up and running with minimal inconvenience.

Commercial Remodeling

Looking for commercial contractors to renovate your office or revamp your showroom? NYKB offers complete commercial remodeling from design through completion customized to your business niche. Experienced interior designers can help design your space to fit your branding while maximizing workflow and productivity.

From retail storefronts to warehouses, showrooms or offices, our unique designs will help your business practically and aesthetically, allowing for better social interaction, productivity and a pleasant atmosphere.

Contact NYKB to meet with one of our Commercial Renovation consultants today to discuss renovating your restaurant and revitalizing your business.