Within the process of your kitchen or bath renovation, one of the most essential finishing touches is selecting the right millwork. There are different types of millwork: door frames, stair parts, door and window casings and baseboards that are created from numerous types of wood and have as many types of finishing. Millwork is a wide category of constructed items that are utilized in the internal details of a house. NYKB has a broad selection of Millwork that can really turn your house into your home.

One of the other most essential finishing touches is selecting the right molding to fit your space and installing it correctly. There are a multitude of different types of molding. The types that are most common are, a) base molding – which is installed between the floor and walls and b) crown molding – which is installed between the walls and ceiling. If your space is more traditional, then your molding should be more detailed. Pre-war or Victorian style moldings are much more elaborate and are comprised of up to 5 and even 8 different moldings that are put together like pieces of a puzzle.

In the interior of pre-war homes, you would most likely find that the molding is covered in many layers of paint. You wouldn’t want to have to strip the old molding down to the bare wood since it is very time consuming and expensive. To completely replace it with all new molding is the more effective, low cost way to go.

Molding installation requires a skilled carpenter because the nearly invisible seams are very difficult to create, especially in very old spaces. The seam is where one piece of molding meets with the next. In crown molding installations, the ceiling and walls are very often not level so making the seams connect is extraordinarily challenging.

NYKB’s remodeling consultants can assist you in the selection of the right molding to fit your budget and style. Our installers can give your home that warm finished look you’ve sought.