Interior Design

Great interior design makes for great kitchens and baths. When a project is successfully designed and planned, it can be successfully executed.

Great interior design is comprised of the following components:

  1. Planning your Space / Layout – Deciding what will go where. (Cabinets, Walls, fixtures, etc…)
  2. Materials Used (finishes, products) specification and selection.
  3. Planning the Budget.

NYKB can readily handle all three for you as well as carry out the actual work. Numerous kitchen and bathroom interior designers use NYKB as their showroom as we specialize in New York interior design. We have no problem working with interior designers, so if you have already acquired one, please bring them with you and introduce us.

What’s usually the most challenging for interior designers is the 3rd component, because on top of not being a showroom, they are not a contractor. This makes estimating how much your project will cost and working out a realistic budget with you an impossibility. In more cases than not, it may mean that you only know how much the project costs after it is already designed. Getting a budget established is important, but keep in mind, that even if you already know exactly how much you’re planning to spend and you specified that to your kitchen and bathroom interior designer, there’s still no telling if your interior design project will be completed within your original budget range that was set up during the initial design stages.