Custom Closets & Storage Systems

Home remodeling in New York often requires custom closets and storage systems to fit the size of the rooms. NYKB creates custom designs to suit every need.

One of the fastest growing trends in today’s booming remodeling industry is remodeling closets. That’s because every inch of closet space must be maximized in smaller spaces and more careful planning is needed when it comes to larger spaces, since most of us have a multitude of items to store.

In the past closets were simply a few shelves with a hanging rod or two and they were built without paying too much attention to individual needs.These days, people think of closets as a space that should be given just as much attention as the rest of the home with careful planning and design. There are many specialized closet design companies, local and even national, which will design and install the whole interior of your closet.

NYKB provides complete closet design and remodeling. You can trust our highly qualified closet and storage remodeling consultants to find the perfect solution for necessity and looks.