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NYC Restaurant renovations
Every restaurant renovation should
carefully focus on their design
 Our team will assess whether the seating areas, cleaning areas, countertops, décor and bar arrangements are arranged in an optimum way to maximize the look and feel of your restaurant, while increasing your efficiency and workflow.
restaurant designs
Because it depends on so many variables, the restaurant business is considered one of the hardest industries to break into. In the Manhattan area, the quality of food is obviously a large draw, but with the vast array of eateries to choose from, what makes people want to dine in at your establishment is the atmosphere in which they’re surrounded by. Restaurant design that is truly compelling creates more than an experience for your guests, it creates a memory they’ll savor long after their meal is over.

Finding a complete design and contracting team that can carry out and accomplish your restaurant renovation on time and on budget—while obtaining the appropriate permits—is necessary for getting your business back up and running with minimal inconvenience.

Our work process

NYKB offers a better way to improve your restaurant through a renovation with our three-step, full-service experience.


From concept to completion, our streamlined process walks you through every step of a restaurant renovation project, whether a small design or a large scale remodeling project.

design & develop

We design your restaurant layout, including the placement of each table and appliance. We provide unlimited design revisions and will rework every aspect of the design until you are fully satisfied.

Project delivery

By hiring NYKB, you’re hiring an expert contractor capable of handling any restaurant remodeling project who will work to deliver some of the best time frames in the industry.

create an unforgettable
dinning experience for your guests