8 W 25th St, New York, NY 10010

Midtown East, Manhattan - E51st St.

East 51 Street Midtown East
Project Manager
Nick Kaess & Ellen Schott
Materials used
UltraCraft cabinetry, caesarstone countertops

Midtown East Master and Guest Bathroom Remodel

  • Bathroom Countertops: Concrete Caesarstone Counters
  • Bathroom Floor: Floor Nolita and Tricita Tiles
  • Backsplash Tiles: Combo fabric gris, downtown grey tiles
  • Cabinetry: South Beach Ultracraft cabinets and Vanity

The client wanted both bathrooms to feel larger and be more functional and more sophisticated.  Removing thick marble slabs from the walls and mirrors from the ceiling was a start.  Then, for the master bathroom:  We installed a long, full-horizon mirror, a double vanity for more counter space and, as the focal  point of this room, a spa walk-in shower.  For the guest bathroom:  Here, too, a large luxury walk-in shower – an open, uncluttered look with a sleek, simple glass door to showcase the beautiful tile – is the show-stopper.  Both bathrooms now have a greater sense of space; they are more airy, more breathable.  And in both we installed custom South Beach cabinets and high-end fixtures which increase the value of the apartment.

Ellen NYKB Designer

Ellen Schott

Professional Designer, NYKB