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It all starts here!

Meet with our Certified Remodeling Professionals for a no obligation design consultation. Choose between our showroom or a personal in home visit. Your free consultation will include discussing and refining your ideas, suggestions and recommendations, and working together to devise a plan that is most suitable for your space, needs and budget. Whether you already have a design concept in mind or are just starting, our free design consultation will provide guidance on your renovation options.


To finalize your labor proposal, we will schedule a meeting in our showroom, verify the scope of work, explain our estimate in detail, and discuss the role that NYKB will play in your renovation project. At NYKB we provide you with an accurate statement so you won’t pay for our mistakes, even if we unintentionally underestimate your project or face unforeseen circumstances.

By no means are you obligated to hire NYKB to handle the construction and labor aspect of your project. However, our design process is part of the complete package which is included at no additional cost to our clients so we highly recommend you doing so. If you prefer to use another contractor to handle the construction, and wish to hire us for the design portion there is a retainer fee associated with our designs.


Now comes the fun part – creating your vision. We will advise you on materials that will coincide with your home or space design. Utilizing special 3D rendering software, NYKB will help design and plan your space accordingly to match your needs. This will also help us determine the materials necessary and the costs associated with your project. Best of all, our designers will share a full-color, 3-D image of what your new remodeled space will look like.



Once we have decided on a final design with your Certified Remodeling Consultant, we will assist you with ordering your materials. This can be a tricky process, even for seasoned professionals so it is important to ensure that you are working with an organized team that that will minimize small mistakes. Before we finalize the order, we make sure that all of the products and materials we have collectively chosen will work in your space.

NYKB will handle everything from tracking your items, to storing them in a safe facility until we are ready for your installation. We will verify that all materials are sent to the correct construction site. And, in addition, if you ordered something that does not fit, or arrives defective, we will correct and replace the item at no extra charge.

Scheduling Your Walkthrough

NYKB will assign a Personal Project Manager for your project, who will supervise every phase of your renovation. He/she will confirm that the project is completed to your satisfaction, on budget and on time. We will cover the construction schedule, so you can have an idea of when each phase of your renovation will be completed. Your Project Manager and Remodeling Consultant will do one final walk-through with you before the construction is started to make sure all of your questions have been covered.


Steve Babus

Head of Consruction

Roy Blum

Project Manager

Morgan Cabrera

Field Manager

Once all of your materials have arrived, construction will begin! The crew will remain the same throughout the entirety of the project, and the Project Manager will keep the lines of communication open between you and the professionals associated with your project. The Project Mange will also handle all schedule alterations or problems that arise and confirm the work is being completed in a timely fashion. We strongly suggest you find a temporary place to live or work while the construction is completed. It will cause the least stress for you and allows the crew to work more efficiently.
During the construction phase, we will do everything we can to protect your home or office form dust, but we advise removing anything of substantial value from the site before we begin the construction. While we use take all all steps necessary to protect your home or office from the construction mess, there will be flecks of dust that are inevitable.
touch – up stage

When the majority of the construction has been completed, your Project Manager will create a touch-up list to identify any unsatisfactory or incomplete areas. At this stage, we will assemble a touch-up crew of professionals to take care of the little problem areas and finalize your project. After your final approval, we will take a few photographs to start your five-year warranty on all labor completed by NYKB. If at any time during that five year period, you find anything that seems unsatisfactory, we will visit your space and complete any changes necessary that are covered under your warranty.

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