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It all starts here!

In our showroom or in your home, talk with our certified remodeling professionals – no cost and no obligation. Tell us what you need and want, tell us your ideas…and plunge into an stimulating and informative discussion. Responding with refinements and suggestions (including exciting possibilities you may never have thought of), we’ll start to draw up a plan that fits your space, your budget and your vision.


Now comes the fun part – creating your vision. We will advise you on materials that will coincide with your home or space design. Utilizing special 3D rendering software, NYKB will help design and plan your space accordingly to match your needs. This will also help us determine the materials necessary and the costs associated with your project. Best of all, our designers will share a full-color, 3-D image of what your new remodeled space will look like.



We check and double check, and track everything.

Even for seasoned professionals, this can be a tricky process. It’s easy to make mistakes, big and small. Before we finalize an order, we make sure that all the materials and all the products – that you’ve approved for the project – will work in your space. Then we track everything, either to the right construction site or to where they will be stored before going to the construction site. If you and we order something that doesn’t fit or arrives defective, we’ll correct it and replace it – at no cost to you.


To oversee everything and keep you in the loop.

Your personal project manager will supervise every phase of the renovation – to make sure it’s completed to your satisfaction, on time and on budget. And your project manager will be in constant contact with you – to explain what’s being done and what’s coming next, and for you to ask any questions and voice any concerns.


Scheduling Your Walkthrough

NYKB will assign a Personal Project Manager for your project, who will supervise every phase of your renovation. He/she will confirm that the project is completed to your satisfaction, on budget and on time. We will cover the construction schedule, so you can have an idea of when each phase of your renovation will be completed. Your Project Manager and Remodeling Consultant will do one final walk-through with you before the construction is started to make sure all of your questions have been covered.


While we’ll do everything we can to protect the rest of your home or office from dust, we advise you remove anything of substantial valuable before we start construction. And depending on the extent of the renovation, we may advise you find a temporary place to live or work. As for the construction… be assured that the crew will remain the same throughout and that your project manager will be there to oversee everything. Your project manager will solve any problems, keep the work on schedule and keep the lines of communications open between you and all the professionals on your renovation.
touch – up stage

To fix even the smallest thing.

When almost all the construction has been completed, your project manager will create a touch-up list: anything that’s undone or unsatisfactory. And we’ll bring in a group of professionals to take care of any little problem…and finalize your project. Once you approve everything, we’ll take photos of everything and start your ten-year warranty on all the labor that NYKB has completed. If at any time during those five years, you find anything that seems unsatisfactory, we’ll come to you – and fix anything covered under the warranty.

Mary Karlin

Top Kitchen designers in New York! Worth every penny and more which is what it cost. I got a stunning new kitchen with no hassle.