NYC Apartment Security Features Worth Investing In

Perry Hiiman
February 3, 2020
NYC Apartment Security Features Worth Investing In

When buying an apartment, there are a ton of things to take into account before making your choice, not the least of which is security. Regardless of how safe your new neighborhood is, you should always make sure that your apartment is as safe as humanly possible. With that in mind, we have a couple of suggestions on NYC apartment security features that you could keep in mind!

Upgrading Door Locks

A security camera on a building, representing NYC apartment security features worth investing in

NYC apartment security features worth investing in

After having moved in to your new apartment, we know that figuring out which security features to install can be overwhelming. Home security has become such an expansive industry, with systems ranging in price and functionality. If you’re working within a limited security budget, where should you begin? We recommend starting at the first obstacle a potentially maleficent burglar would have – the door.

“As soon as your moving company has relocated you to your newly purchased apartment, make sure you inspect the doors, or rather, the locks” recommends a rep from Dumbo Moving and Storage– a mover experienced in helping New Yorkers settle into their new homes. Your NYC apartment door needs to be readily equipped, preferably with a deadbolt lock. If a deadbolt lock is not already in place at the time you move in to your apartment, you will want to install one the moment you relocate there.

Additionally, we recommend asking your landlord to change all of the normal locks on the front door as well. No matter how much trust you put in the landlord, you can never be completely sure about the number of duplicate keys from previous tenants that could be circulating out there. And you want to be certain that you’re the only person who can access your home, right? Finally, if you truly want to be sure that your apartment is completely secure, consider putting in door reinforcement locks or chain locks in addition to the existing ones.

Door Security Bar

While there are many new and high-tech home NYC apartment security features, it’s always good to cover the basics first. That’s why all NYC homeowners should consider adding a good old-fashioned door jammer to their list of home security measures. These are pretty simple to put in and remove, causing zero damage to the door itself. And these are also great because they lack some of the usual vulnerabilities of normal locks; like duplicate keys, picking, or lock bumping. If you have a balcony, consider putting in patio door jammers on sliding doors. There’s also nothing better than a heavy-duty jammer for your front door, acting as one of the most secure doorstops you’ll find. Plus, these days, you can find portable door jammers as well, making sure you have that extra layer of security even when you travel around.

Covering Windows

More often than not, intruders start “shopping around” for quality targets before settling on the place they’ll break into-and one of the best possible way to keep yourself off their radar is to install blinds on your windows. If you believe your apartment is not that visible from the outside without blinds, here are some facts you need to keep in mind. Additionally, if you keep your lights on after dark (which, logically, most people do) and you leave your blinds open, you’re setting up what behaves as a decently-lit stage in a completely dark auditorium. Everyone who’s outside can see what you have inside and whether you’re vulnerable to an attack!

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Keep in mind that the social aspects of home security can be just as important as the above discussed security measures. Striking up conversations with people who live near your apartment, and taking care to be kind and generous to them, can result in a human network that serves as an unofficial security system for the immediate community. Think of this network as a system of “human security cameras” who can be on the lookout for suspicious activity. If something fishy happens, your neighbors can be the first to call you, the police, or warn someone else in the area.

Invest in a Safe

Since no home security system is guaranteed to work 100% of the time, we recommend that you prepare for the possibility of someone managing to find their way into your apartment. The very fact that someone managed to break into your apartment does not mean that they’ll be able to steal anything of much value. For example – you could invest in a proper safe where you can store valuables like important documents, family heirlooms, dangerous firearms, and expensive jewelry and cash. Doing so is not just a deterrent for burglars; it is also useful when entertaining large groups of people who may bring a guest who you don’t entirely trust. If your landlord is up for it, you could even bolt it into a wall or make a hole in your floor for added security.


As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to make your apartment safer, in terms of NYC apartment security features. And we’ve only touched on features you can come up with yourself; there are also professional security systems that companies who provide such services can set up.

The goal of renovation and remodeling is to ensure satisfaction upon completion of your project. Construction can be very frustrating, and without a professional contractor, things can go wrong.

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