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Author and communications strategist Simon Sinek has made an entire career out of helping individuals and companies find their “WHY.” According to Sinek, “The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us.” The WHY is what pushes the company’s purpose.

For NYKB, being invited to create the home of our clients’ dreams is our WHY.

In the spirit of celebrating our “WHY,” we introduce the ABC of NYKB series. Throughout 2020, we will engage in in-depth discussions about the beliefs and values that underlie our work. As we make our way through the series, we hope to engage our audience in conversations about what we love the most: renovating kitchens and baths in New York City.

For each post in the series, we will highlight a topic and examine how it comes to play in fulfilling our mission of providing a seamless home renovation process for our New York City clients. Stay tuned as we share our best insights on bathroom and kitchen design–all from the place where it all happens, New York City!