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Hidden Cost in NYC Renovations

Prior to meeting with a Contractor for discussion of your renovation,  please consider having  a budget in mind.  This crucial information can be utilized by the Contractor while guiding  you through the maximization of your budget. With home renovations there could  often be  hidden issues that will  increase the cost of your renovation.  As a Contractor with over 20 years of experience and many successful renovations, there are hidden issues I cannot anticipate. Let’s discuss some of the most common issues:


In NYC, with many Landmark and older structured buildings, It is difficult to anticipate internal structural issues until the completion of the demolition stage. My team has faced various hidden issues, such as rotting interiors, pipe erosions, and lead plumbing, just to name a few. While it may delay your renovation or alter the cost of your project, you should keep in mind that should problems arise, the NYKB team can and will handle all aspects of construction. Likewise, it is highly recomended that you hire a hgihly capable team otherwise you risk further delays with your renovation.


In the manner of Plumbing and Electrical, it can be impossible to see up front plumbing and electrical issues prior to the start of your project. In cases with older buildings Plumbing and Electrical work must be brought up to NYC code. There has also been situations with previous shareholders having Plumbing or Electrical work done with unlicensed workers whom do not file for Permits accordingly and the work not being done in accordance to NYC codes and standards. This too can be very damaging to your budgetary expectations.


Hidden mold inside your walls can be an extreme health hazard to your environment. During the course of a renovation, if the NYKB team finds this hazardous material, you will be advised and steps are immediately taken to eradicate the situation. Mold will add cost to the budget but in the end you will feel comfortable knowing you are dwelling in a mold free environment. Keep in mind that the same procedure will be taken should NYKB find lead paint within the walls of your apartment.

PERMITTING:  In NYC, permits are a must for most status of renovations. During your consultation with a NYKB team member, you will be advised up front the necessity of Electrical/Plumbing Permit based on the level of renovation NYKB will be performing.

As you start your renovation consulting, please be sure to address change order costs that may result from any hidden issues the NYKB team has been alerted to. Do assure all additional work is contracted and signed accordingly by both you and the Contractor.

If you are looking to address this matter of hidden issues further, please do not hesitate to contact a member of my team at NYKB at  (212) 242-3500.  You can also click here to fill out our online form.

Hoping this information has been quite knowledgeable for you. We at NYKB are looking forward to bringing your next renovation project to fruition.



Perry Hiiman Owner of NYKB Renovation