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NYKB Renovates a Piece of Times Square

Street closures, Broadway and jacuzzi tubs. What do all three of these items have in common? They’re all part of the latest project as NYKB renovates a piece of times square.  Last week our team began working on another NYC renovation and it involved shutting down a major New York City Street, lifting an 800lb Jacuzzi tub and perhaps toughest of all, making sure that NYC residents were not late to work since the project required us to temporarily shut down the side walks.

.NYKB Outdoor Renovation_Jacuzzi8NYKB Outdoor Renovation_Jacuzzi9


Delivering a Jacuzzi anywhere else in the United states is a relatively easy task, however things are done a little bit differently in the big apple. Thanks to our friends at New Castle, we were able to hoist all of the materials to the top of the building effortlessly. Because of the expertise of the NYKB team, we did not have to halt traffic for more than ten minutes at a time and all of the NYC residents that did have to stop, ended up having front row seats to the spectacle.

NYKB Outdoor Renovation_Jacuzzi10NYKB Outdoor Renovation_Jacuzzi7


There many are variables like street traffic, pedestrian traffic and spectators that have to be taken into account when renovating in such a high traffic zone. Maintaining the safety of everyone around is our number one priority at NYKB and we take this part of our jobs seriously. Another major challenge is making sure that local businesses are aware of the construction, and will not be negatively affected by the renovation process. These are all variables that the NYKB renovation team takes into account every day to ensure that your neighbors are also taken care of.

NYKB Outdoor Renovation_Jacuzzi6

Raising over 800lbs of materials onto the rooftop of this New York City apartment was no easy task. Luckily the NYKB renovation crew had a little help from a few friends, who teamed up to make this delivery and project effortless. It’s not everyday that you have the opportunity of renovating a piece of times square, so we did our best to make this as easy as possible for all those residents in the area.

NYKB Outdoor Renovation_Jacuzzi5

In case you have not personally experienced Times Square during rush hour, we’ve included a Time Lapse (warning might make you dizzy) video that shows you the amount of activity that occurs in this area. Imagine how difficult it can to ask a couple of hundred people to stop for five to ten minutes as they are rushing to work? For this reason hiring the professionals at NYKB reduces any added pressure from the city and your management company.

NYKB Outdoor Renovation_Jacuzzi1NYKB Outdoor Renovation_Jacuzzi


Once all of the materials were hoisted up, our master NYKB Carpenter, took care of building the foundation for this project. Taking the design straight out of our showroom and applying it to the top of this gorgeous NYC apartment building.


NYKB Outdoor Renovation_Jacuzzi2 NYKB Outdoor Renovation_Jacuzzi3


We carefully layed out all of the materials, crafted a deck from solid wood, and worked hand in hand with the NYKB team of carpenters, electricians and plumbers to make this project come to life.

NYKB Crafts a new Jacuzzi deck in Times Square

The NYKB Craftsman team

The views here are amazing, and with Broadway just down the street, you could not ask for a better show of craftsmanship by the NYKB team. Working around the clock to complete this project on time and deliver long lasting and beautiful results.


NYKB Installs a Jacuzzi in Times Square NYKB creates a new rooftop deck

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