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Going off Granite: Why Quartz Countertops are Taking Over

quartz countertopOver the last twenty years or more, granite and marble countertops rose to the top as the most popular in available choices. It was once considered luxury. While many people still prefer the look and feel of granite, a new kitchen countertop is taking over the top spot with many homeowners who want quality and luxury in their home. The quartz countertop offers many advantages and you will see many homeowners switching over from granite to quartz.

The main reason that quartz countertops have risen to the top in popularity is because they do not need to be sealed. Quartz is non-porous and will not allow bacteria to seep in and potentially contaminate anything put on the counter. It is almost maintenance free and you do not have to worry about getting it professionally sealed after its installation. Granite countertops are porous and must be sealed properly before use.

While granite is one of the stronger materials for countertops, it can stain very easily, just like marble. If you were to spill a glass of wine on it, if not cleaned up quickly and properly, you will be living with the stain for a long time. On the other hand, quartz is resistant to stains. If something spills on it, you simply wipe it up with a damp cloth and nothing is left behind.

Another advantage that quartz has over granite and marble is the actual color. While quartz is still considered a natural stone, it is actually made with a combination of quartz crystals and resin. This mixture allows for a more uniform color. With granite countertops, which are cut from giant slabs, the colors are not uniform and many homeowners find this to be less attractive.

The only main downfall of quartz countertops is that they will fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight. What this means is that, while they may be perfect for your kitchen, you may not want to install them in your outdoor kitchen or you will soon find the colors that you loved so much in the beginning will slowly fade away.

Another disadvantage to quartz is that the seams will show after installation. However, if you choose a piece that has a lot of color patterns, it will be much less noticeable. Granite has the same problem. However, with granite, the seams are usually more noticeable as this natural stone usually has a lot of veins and directional patterns.

If you are considering a new countertop for your home, you may immediately think of granite or marble as these have been the more popular choices for many years. Before you make your decision, though, give quartz your consideration as it does offer many great advantages, including easy maintenance and cleaning.


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