8 W 25th St, New York, NY 10010

White Bathroom Renovations Completed on 62nd St.

White bathrooms have universal appeal  as they invoke feelings of purity, cleanliness and hygiene.  As bathrooms are often short on space, choosing a white color scheme can visually  open up the room and help it to feel more spacious.   Neutral white is also the perfect backdrop to display colored accessories or accents that can be easily replaced at will.  A recent  NYKB West side renovation included 3 new bathrooms at 61 W 62nd St in shades of clean white.

In this small bathroom, a full shower is enclosed in glass shower doors.  There is an integrated shower niche that provides space for shower essentials. A large mirror and glass accents contribute to the open feeling in the room.  A wall mounted vanity in a deep walnut color provides the perfect amount of contrast.

white bathroom


At the entrance to this bigger bathroom, we installed a large double vanity in a deep walnut color.  Its clean lines and plentiful drawers  provide ample  style and storage.  The gray and white marbleized tiles used in the bathtub provide some additional contrast, while maintaining a soft look.

walnut vanity

In the additional small white bathroom shown below, contrast is provided by the mosaic tiled border encircling the room.   Here too, glass shower doors and a large mirror visually expand the room.
Small White bathroom


Watch a video of the full manhattan renovation here.