8 W 25th St, New York, NY 10010

NYKB remodels Keller Williams on Broadway

Keller Williams and NYKB are on Broadway!

Keller Williams realty is expanding, and NYKB is designing and heading the commercial renovation. The new office located at 377 Broadway is set to house another 200 offices for real estate agents and is located on a 12,000 square foot commercial property.

Follow NYKB as we complete this large project encompassing three levels and a complete gut renovation. From exterior windows and doors to eight bathroom installations, this project is set to be something extraordinary. As realtors, Keller Williams needs to impress and we are proud to say that NYKB is the right address.

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As can be seen in the slide above we began with removal of existing floor space and filling in the open floor space structurally with steel and concrete. Following this, new plumbing,electrical systems, fire alarm systems  as well as an HVAC sprinkler system. A state of the art communication system complete with  its own IT room will ensure all offices have the communication and systems they need at their availability and with full back up system for smooth work flow.

Come back to follow up on the new Keller William NYC building project headed by Steve Babus, NYKB head of construction.