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Open Kitchen Designs – the pros and cons

Are you fed up feeling cramped in your small kitchen? Or are you desperate to add some sort of privacy to your open plan kitchen? The debate is an ongoing one for most people looking to renovate the home or planning a new kitchen remodeling. 

Open kitchen design NYC

Kitchen Display

An open kitchen design can be used to display the kitchen as part of your home furnishings, the cabinets can be spread out along the one existing wall and there is more countertop surface.

If you live in the city chances are your apartment is small and you want to maximise every inch of your small manhattan kitchen. Having an open kitchen means saving the space of walls and enabling you to design something small without feeling how small it really is.

open kitchen planAnother pro for the open plan is the issue of light. The open design allows for much more light and a brighter and more airy room. 

On the con side, an open kitchen means everyone seeing the mess, kitchen smells throughout the apartment and children or guests underfoot while you are working in the kitchen. 

It is possible to find solutions to have your open plan but hide the mess or have an option of closing off when you want to.

open plan modern kitchen Folding door, screens and half walls are some ways although creative and stylish alternatives such as raising the far end of your island or positioning the mess areas to be hidden. A good kitchen designer at NYKB can come up with countless ideas and solutions for creating your dream New York.


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