8 W 25th St, New York, NY 10010

Pleased with NYKB

I turned to NYKB as a full service provider company. As a mother of 2 whom works a full time job, I find it very helpful to have someone take care of the process. NYKB took responsibility of everything, leading to the renovation of my kitchen and 2 bathrooms. They contacted the management company and ordered the materials. This allowed me to focus on other aspects of my life and not to worry about the construction.
During the countertop installation, we had a bit of a glitch. The countertop cracked. I was panicking since I needed to cook and used my kitchen. NYKB totally took on the responsibility and apologized. I had a beautiful countertop installed in my kitchen in less than a week with the help of there materials dept.
Even though my project took longer than expected, workers have been in my apartment on a daily basis. I guess you can’t always be prepared to everything.
I was very pleased with the final results and the way I was treated. I recommend NYKB to those of us who need to renovate their kitchen or bath and cant afford to dedicate so much time to the process that leads to the construction and completion.