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Grohe showers NYKB with knowledge!

a new york city showerThere’s no question about it, kitchen and bath remodeling is a serious business. That’s why our friends at Grohe, the manufacturer of quality bath and kitchen products, rolled up their sleeves and did some due diligence in customer research. What they found out might shock you – and make you laugh.

Grohe surveyed nearly 2,000 Americans and Canadians about their shower habits. And now we know:

22% of respondents report getting, ahem, intimate in their shower.
20% of us report cleaning the shower while taking a shower!
17% of us brush our teeth while showering.
15% make important decisions (take new jobs, get married, sell house, etc) while scrubbing themselves clean.
29% sing favorite rock tunes out loud.
20% prefer belting country tunes.
The top 4 songs reported were “Singing in the Rain”, “Amazing Grace”, “Splish Splash”, and “Hey Jude”.
Among the alternative uses for showers, in addition to or instead of washing, respondents reported: washing their pets, cleaning household items, walk-in beer cooler, fish tank, a playpen for kids, thawing turkeys, litter box, storage, and even as a spare bedroom!

And these, folks, are topics that just don’t come up too often in NYKB’s showroom. Too bad.