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Now that’s cookin’ with gas

bertazzoniThis morning NYKB was graced by a visit from the lovely Holly Eklund, Gringer & Sons resident sales diva.  As usual, Holly was friendly and informative about what’s hot in home appliances. Professionals in kitchen design need to keep informed on the appliance front.  Part of Holly’s job is to keep NYKB up on the latest and she’s always welcome here.

One product Holly raves about is the 24″ Bertazzoni Professional Series Gas Range. This appliance, as any NYKB designer can attest to, is hot in new New York City kitchens right now. A small high-performance range, the 24″ has all the craftsmanship of the larger models in the Bertazzoni Professional Series.  From Bertazzoni’s website: “[It has] four burners including a triple-ring high-efficiency burner and gas oven with gas broiler. The 15,000 BTU triple-ring high efficiency burner makes this model a top performer. A matching 24” professional range hood and backsplash are also available.”  Perfect for the space conscious Manhattan apartment dweller who loves to cook, isn’t it?   

These gas ranges come in a variety of colors. Holly tells us that stainless steel is very popular right now, but Bertazzoni did not forget those who prefer something bolder, such as strong blues, reds, or yellows. There are beautiful models on display in Gringer’s E. 2nd St. showroom.  A trip would be well worth checking out. Thanks Holly!

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