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Kitchen remodeling

NYKB’s owner and President, Perry Hiiman, agrees with these Houston professionals who know the importance of a professionally remodeled kitchen to a home’s value.

Although many homeowners have more than one bath, few have multiple kitchens. So it pays to plan your remodel wisely.

Call in a professional consultant, advises Peggy McGowen, owner of Kitchen and Bath Concepts in Houston. “It’s a spend-to-save thing,” McGowen explains. “Even a one-hour consultation will help you avoid mistakes that could cost time and money later.”

She also urges homeowners to spend the most on structural items that are the hardest to replace: cabinets and countertops. “These things take the biggest beating and look the worst the quickest,” she says.

Says Perry: “She’s right, the money a consumer saves by skimping on quality cabinets and countertops will not pay for their replacements! Some might look great and cost-effective in a catalog, but how happy is a consumer when every other door is hanging off or misaligned in a six-month old kitchen? Get a pro to do it!”

Good point, Perry.