Looking into renovating the lighting system for your home or business? We have just what you need.

The type of lighting you choose depends not only on the function of your room, but also on the design and ambiance you want to convey. From under cabinet lighting to kitchen island lights,  NYKB’s design experts are uniquely able to help you find your way through all of the subtle refinements of selecting the perfect light fixtures for your home renovation.

Bright track lighting above your kitchen sink helps you see more clearly while washing dishes, whilst soft ambient light in sconces might be more suitable for an intimate restaurant remodel. Choosing the right type, style and brand of lighting can be difficult – whether it’s accent, track, security or recessed lighting – particularly since incorporating your lighting system into the decor of your home or business setting can help make it complete.

Call or stop by NYKB showroom today to schedule an appointment to confer with one of our NYKB consultants about your specific needs regarding Residential or Commercial Lighting.