NYKB holds firm to the belief that remodeling in New York shouldn't be stressful and chaotic. That’s why we've devised a step-by-step process, to ensure your renovations are easier, faster, and ultimately successful.

Free Consultation

Meet with a Certified Remodeling Consultant with No Obligation and at No Cost in our showroom or in your home. Your free consultation will include discussing and refining your ideas, suggestions and recommendations, and working together to devise a plan for a NYC remodeling or renovation that is most suitable for your space, needs and budget. Whether you know what you want or have no idea at all, our free consultation will leave you more knowledgeable and clearer of your options.

Labor Proposal

To finalize the proposal for labor we will meet in our showroom, verify the project scope, explain our estimate and NYKB’s role within your remodeling journey. There will be no worries about our estimate changing during your kitchen remodeling process because at NYKB  we deal with real numbers only and you won’t pay for our mistake, even if we unintentionally underestimate your project or unforeseen circumstances arise.

You don’t have to hire NYKB to do the construction, but if you do, then the design stage is part of the complete package with no additional cost to you. Still, if you prefer to use someone else to do the construction, you can still make use of our independent, highly trained design team, or our material ordering services. In this circumstance we will charge a retainer fee for design.

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Now comes the part that’s fun – creating your vision. We’ll advise you on what will look best in your home and in the space you have. We use specialized software that will not only help us design and plan your remodeling project, but also determine the materials necessary, and the cost, making sure everything stays within budget. NYKB has several manufacturer’s cabinetry catalogs built right into the program, enabling our designers to not only pick the cabinets easily, but also check on the availability and exact pricing. Plus, 20/20 allows the designer to create full-color, 3-D images of what your new remodeled kitchen will look like, so, for example, you can see what creating adjacent spaces will look like before you begin tearing the walls down.

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Ordering  Materials

Once you’ve decided on a final design with the Certified Remodeling Consultant, we start the kitchen remodeling process by ordering your materials. Before we finalize the order we make sure that all the products and materials you’ve chosen will fit into your space.

NYKB will ensure that everything is tracked and comes in on time. With renovation projects, delivery can be tricky. We will verify that the materials are at the construction site when they are ready to be installed, and we will have a warehouse in advance, where we can store everything until the construction crew is ready to proceed. In addition, if you ordered something that doesn’t fit based on our design, or arrives broken or defective, we’ll correct and replace it at no extra charge. We’ll take care of it for you.

Scheduling And Walkthrough

Next, NYKB will assign a Personal Project Manager for you, who will supervise every phase of your remodeling project. He will affirm the project is completed to your satisfaction, on budget and on time. Also, he will explain the construction schedule, so you can have an idea of when each phase of your renovations will be completed. Your project manager and the remodeling consultant will do one last walk-through with you before construction is initiated. Also, if you require permission from the New York City Department of Buildings or need to get approval from your condo owner, you’ll need to complete that before construction can start.


The construction can begin now that your materials have arrived! The crew will remain the same throughout the project, and the Project Manager will keep the lines of communication open between you, the crew, and other professional tradesmen associated. He will also handle any scheduling changes or problems and confirm the work is being completed on time. We strongly suggest you find an temporary place to live or work until the construction is completed. It’ll cause the least stress for you and is easier on the work crew.

During the construction phase, we will do everything we can to protect your home or office, but we advise removing anything of substantial value from the site before we begin the construction. We would hate for your belongings to get unnecessarily damaged. Though we use the utmost care to protect your home or office from the construction mess, there will be tiny flecks of dust that are inevitable.

Touch – Up Stage

After walking through the renovation site with you, your Project Manager will create a touch-up list when the majority of the construction is completed. Once you and the Project Manager have identified the unsatisfactory and incomplete areas, a touch-up crew will come to take care of those problem areas and finish up the project.